Digital transformation through a human lens.

The business world has lost focus of what’s really at the center of technology—humans.

With our approach to digital transformation, cloud, and custom application development, we consider the human condition around technology. Plus, we believe that customers should have an engaging experience while building the technology. It makes everyone’s lives easier.

On average, large technology projects run 45 percent over budget and 7 percent over time, while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted.

In a move to better serve you, we merged user experience (UX) and technology into one team—we call it TechX. This means we never have to sacrifice one for the other. We believe technology is an experience that can always meet or exceed value expectations when approached through a human lens. We apply this belief to our work universally. We build applications inclusively. We develop cloud products and infrastructure for scaling around humans. We integrate IoT (internet of things), automation, and AI within tools to reduce the complexity for humans.

Technology services

We start each engagement with curiosity. We discover the human truths, IT setup, legacy systems, and business goals to develop products that align to value expectations. Let’s explore the process that we take to make technology human.

Learn and empathize

Learn and empathize

The best technology is invisible to humans. Getting to know the users, administrators, and beneficiaries of the digital tools we build ensures we deliver the value expected.

—— Analyzing human conditions (user research)
—— Technology consulting and strategy
—— Mapping human journeys
—— Ensuring adoption and sustainment 
—— Information architecture 

Build and upgrade

Build and upgrade

Once we’ve built an understanding, we get to the engineering and integrating of systems, infrastructure, and devices. This step is essential to aligning tools with processes for successful digital transformations.

—— Software architecture
—— Build mobile web experiences
—— Application development for connected devices
—— Modernizing applications
—— Integrating systems
—— Engineering in the cloud
—— Digitizing and automating process
—— Exploration and prototyping 
—— Exploring and implementing emerging technology

Measure and action

Measure and action

Optimizing and actioning against the performance of new technology and applications requires thought upfront. We can help you with data, managing and visualizing, as well as sustainability of tools from usability testing.

—— Managing data
—— Visualizing and actioning data
—— Usability testing

Digital transformation can be within your reach with the right partner. We believe that the real wins in a transformation start in the human impacts. It’s human outcomes that lead to the business results—efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.