No one wants to be stuck on-prem in a cloud-native world

Virtual solutions have never been more critical to business health than right now. Your application development is no different. With cloud-native applications, you have flexible solutions that are easy to set up and maintain, tailored only to your specific needs so you can contain costs—and do it all remotely.

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We’re right at home with cloud-native solutions. With multiple successes under our belts, we’ve learned how to harness the benefits of this new standard in application development. Take a look at our work, and see for yourself.

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Cloud-native solutions are nothing new. While they’ve existed since 2009, they made their first big mark in the consumer space with Netflix. Why? As their business model evolved from DVD shipping to online streaming, the company needed greater data center capacity and a more elastic application solution.

Since then, many more companies have followed suit—in part because cloud providers have broadened services for all kinds of business capabilities. Even with this growing buzz, many tech decision-makers find themselves in a tricky position, wondering: How do I integrate cloud-native solutions into my organization when on-premise has always been king?

With Softway, you have a true technology partner. Let’s walk through some of the main benefits of going cloud-native.

Benefits of cloud-native solutions

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Helping you contain costs through cloud-native solutions

No one has money to burn these days. In this time of uber-conscious spending, it’s important to make sure your investments work as hard as you do. Cloud-native applications are a great fit for companies of every size. Instead of buying large packages that result in legacy systems you have to manage, you pay only for the exact amount of solution that you need. These solutions can also scale up or down as needed, all without interruption of service to your end users.

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Leveraging the efficiency and performance of DevOps

Chances are, your on-premise team already has their hands full. Cloud-native solutions uniquely enable DevOps team structures. Combining development and operations functions, DevOps helps create continuous delivery through Agile methodologies and automation.

So where does Softway fit in? As part of a solution, we can help reconfigure your existing team to DevOps practices and provide upskilling recommendations as your project (and team!) progresses. 

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Providing guidance for any type of cloud-native project

Don’t go into your next infrastructure discussions blind. Whether you need recommendations on how to set up your systems for cloud-based solutions, guidance on migrating certain applications from on-premise to remote, or need trusted engineers to actually do the application development—Softway can take care of it all.

“But why change the way we’ve always done things?”

The way your company has worked in the past won’t get you where you need to be tomorrow. Instead of padding your existing infrastructure with additional on-prem features, it’s time to put innovation first. That means bringing in cloud-native solutions that deliver the kind of benefits every company needs right now: flexibility, efficiency, and resilience.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of on-prem and cloud-native solutions.

On-premise solutions

  • Physical servers have to be set up initially.
  • Specific server technology has to be found and programmed.
  • On-prem software adds burden to already busy on-prem infrastructure teams.
  • Every solution goes through multiple cycles of planning, execution, testing, etc.
  • Up-front investments limit the scalability and flexibility of these solutions.

Cloud-native solutions

  • Everything is online. You can spin up something today.
  • Plug and play microservices enable you to work flexibly on any public or private cloud.
  • Cloud-native solutions reduce the knowledge needed to get started at a hardware-level.
  • Get to the work that’s core to your business quickly through a dedicated DevOps team that runs in Agile.
  • Cloud-native solutions are able to scale up and down as needed—all without disruption to service.

Come on—get your head in the cloud

Like what you hear about cloud-native solutions, but not sure where to start? We can help you every step of the way. At Softway, our goal is never to create solutions that only work when we’re a part of the project team. We want to ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to own your cloud-native solutions both the day they’re implemented, and well into the future.

Here are a few other things you can expect when you work with Softway:

  • Actively finding cost-containment opportunities
  • Following a human-centric approach to tech challenges
  • Providing Agile application development that gets you results in days instead of months
  • Including education and upskilling for your team throughout any engagement
  • Delivering solutions that improve the end-user experience
  • Planning for solutions that keep maintenance and reliability in mind
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