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The face of business has changed seemingly overnight. Organizations are scrambling to find new ways to connect virtually with customers and employees alike. But with this new surge of online activity—you can also expect a new surge in data.

Right now, we’re witnessing how big data gets even bigger. We can help make sure you get the most value from the data sets you have—and the data you acquire moving forward.

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For big data and beyond, you need a technology partner who understands your business challenges—and creates solutions that fit. We’ve done it time and again for clients in a range of industries. Check out some of our past successes.

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Connecting through email. Scrolling through social media. Shopping online. These common activities make up a small fraction of the digital footprint we leave behind every day. And as we live more of our professional and personal lives online—the data piles up.

In fact, the amount of data per capita has been exponentially increasing since the ‘90s. While global online data usage reached 4.4 zettabytes (ZB) in 2019 (that’s 4.4. TRILLION gigabytes), it’s predicted that the number will reach 175 ZB by 2025.

So what can we do with all this data?

It’s different for every business. But as specific data sets grow—so does the opportunity for business value. From customer behavior reports to upselling strategies that promote the “next best product,” there are plenty of ways for big data to help streamline and optimize your business. That is: only if you find the right technology partner to help you.


Some common big data solutions we use every day:

  • Social media photo reminders (like “On This Day”)
  • Annual listening reports from music streaming services
  • Ranking trending topics on various social media platforms
  • Booking a car through a ride-sharing app
  • Friend suggestions on social media

Here are a few guiding principles behind the work we do with big data at Softway.

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We identify your big data needs

As a technology partner, we want to get to the heart of your business challenges and identify the ways data can help. Need to create efficiencies in your customer service workflows? Want to understand your customer base better so you can send them the right product offerings? Need to improve the online experience for your virtual teams so people spend less time on tech problems? We’ll learn more, and then create the technology solution to match.

Solid Foundation@2gris

We create a solid foundation

To set you up for success tomorrow, we have to assess the data you have today. Maybe that means building a custom data warehouse to store and process it. No matter where you start, we take both structured and unstructured data into account, and devise a plan to transform it into a useful analytical tool.

Get to work@2gris

We get to work

Our experts use best-in-class tools, algorithms, and processes to ensure you get the highest-quality big data solutions available. We can even build solutions around your data without disturbing your day-to-day operations. Whether you only need us to do the strategizing, or want a comprehensive solution that includes analysis and a user-friendly dashboard—we have the expertise to make it happen.


Some common frameworks and tools we work with:

Power BI
Apache Spark
ELK Stack
Apache Hive
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Performance Insight

A database-driven web portal that would report the performance of drilling equipment.

In 2014, two groups of the Oil & Gas Producers agreed that there would be significant benefits in combining the two separate database activities, to enable a single-focused and aligned database system to be developed that would provide insight on equipment performance. Softway built a database-driven web portal that collected data and ran reports on the performance and reliability of equipment defined by the participants of the IOGP/IADC BOP Reliability Joint Industry Project (JIP).


Your big data efforts deserve a true technology partner

The best big data solutions don’t start with technology. They start with a simple question: “How can we help?” When you work with Softway, we know great solutions are only possible when we fully understand the problem. And more importantly—when we understand and empathize with the people we’re trying to help.

Here’s what else you can expect on a big data project with Softway:

  • Strict adherence to CRISP-DM processes and protocols
  • Complete solutions that consider data engineering, analytics, predictive analytics, and data visualization (as needed)
  • Data warehouses that can be built to store and process required data
  • Data streaming analytics and data processing
  • Best-in-market tools and algorithms
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