User experience strategy infused into technology

Our merged UX and technology team bake design-thinking, human-centered research, and business understanding into every line of code and interface we create.

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Empathizing with users for better design and repeatable results

Humans are at the center of technology. The challenge that we help solve is keeping users at the forefront during the design and development of digital products and applications within business processes. Taking that a step further, we look beyond the end-user, and factor in the other people that could be involved with the tool, such as business leaders, IT administrators, and maintenance developers. We even consider the beneficiaries who may not interact with the tool directly, but do get the most benefit from its use (i.e. patients, customers, etc.). 

Putting people at the center of tech

By looking at everyone who might be involved with your application or system, we can better think, plan, and design the user flows, workflows, data management, and interactions. Empathy is the most critical component of UX—it keeps humans at the center of your technology strategy, development, and maintenance. 

Our user-centered design capabilities for your humans

With our approach to digital transformation, cloud, and custom application development, we consider the human condition around technology. The best technology is invisible to humans. Getting to know your users, administrators, and beneficiaries of the digital tools we build ensures we deliver the value expected. Let’s explore the capabilities that we use to make technology human:

  • Analyzing human conditions (user research)
  • Technology consulting and strategy around business goals
  • Mapping human journeys
  • Ensuring adoption and sustainment 
  • Producing information architecture (wireframes, prototypes, and user flows)
  • User testing for optimization & improvement

Bringing UX and technology together for you


Improved user experiences can deliver better results through higher engagement, streamlined processes, and greater efficiencies. By merging our technology and UX disciplines into one team, we can infuse UX mindsets and perspectives into every aspect of your IT environment where we support. This foundational approach ensures that users within and outside of IT are factored into architecture, security, data, and integration decisions, not just application design and deployment. This technology and UX marriage brings speed to the process of getting into the market, and deeper empathy in the technology strategy that increases internal adoption of new technologies.

Outcomes that users experience

Softway has delivered enterprise technology solutions with a foundation in UX. These solutions have reduced internal inefficiencies, increased internal and external user engagement, and enabled higher revenue through customer satisfaction. Learn more about projects we’ve delivered with UX foundations:

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