Using your data intelligently

Data sciences enable better business decisions through pattern recognition and predictive analysis. Tools and applications that support or leverage data sciences can produce meaningful and actionable insights through structured and unstructured data. These insights can drive personal customer experiences and highlight areas of improvement within your supply chain and operations. 

Building data-driven solutions for business intelligence

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Softway works with clients in energy, manufacturing, healthcare, food service, and many other industries to produce data-driven applications. In order to successfully develop with your data, we follow an industry-proven process for repeatable and reliable results:

  • We learn your business (people, process, and tools)
  • We understand your data
  • We prepare your data for potential solutions to solve your challenges
  • We then model those solutions with several algorithms to determine best fit
  • We consult and partner with you to make the best decision on the solution implementation approach
  • We implement the solution using our web, mobile, and cloud development teams
  • We continue to optimize the solution based on real-time performance and feedback

Understanding data sciences

The umbrella of Data Sciences covers a large portion of machine learning, deep learning, statistics, and natural language processing. A huge amount of data is called Big Data. Analyzing Big Data requires heavier computational power. Softway uses techniques for Big Data to derive insights and build workflows around it, which provide better ROI.


Big Data solutions for analytics and deep learning


Softway has developed applications relying on business data to give customers more control over their operations and customer relationships. One application explored optimized routes for food delivery that could result in an increase in driver capacity, reduced gas costs and mileage, and capability for more orders to be delivered.

Smarter decisions from your data

Data Sciences empower your business and IT leaders with insights that can sustain better decision-making. Machine learning, deep learning, IoT-generated analytics, and Big Data are capabilities that rely on pattern recognition to produce intelligence that help you with all facets of business. Customer experiences can become more engaging. Supply chain management can become more efficient. Operations, including associated costs, can become more streamlined.  Softway can give you tools that will improve your investment decisions, as well as identify areas for cost reduction. 


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