Your leaders don’t need training—they need resilience

We say your leaders don't need more training, because typical corporate leadership  training doesn’t address the most fundamental indicator of your business’s ability to survive crises, overcome problems, and adapt to a changing world. That indicator is resilience. Resilience in business starts with people. 

Softway’s leadership and management products are designed to help you build a culture of resilience that is agile, inclusive, and adaptable. We don’t call our products “training”—they are your catalyst for transformation.

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Seneca Leaders℠

Seneca Leaders is a radical transformation workshop designed to develop resilience and accountability in your leaders. Participants come away from our leadership development program with a clear vision of their own contribution to culture and inclusion through their leadership actions.

Some of the topics covered in Seneca Leaders:

  • Servant leadership
  • Awareness and accountability
  • Building trust and psychological safety at work
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The importance of inclusion in the workplace

100% virtual version available.
Our team works with you to accommodate most tech requirements.

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Seneca Teams®

Seneca Teams is a perfect next-step to follow Seneca Leaders. This high-impact, full-day workshop brings your leaders together with their teams, and emphasizes engagement and honest discussions to help improve team performance.

  • Perfect for groups of 5 to 20
  • Helps individuals learn more about themselves and colleagues
  • Unique and unexpected approach

100% virtual version available.
Our team works with you to accommodate most tech requirements.

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Seneca Roots®

This companion learning experience is a distillation of the Seneca Leaders℠ curriculum and helps employees understand the role they play in company culture—and in supporting each other’s personal journeys.

  • Scalable for small or large groups
  • Facilitated directly by Seneca-certified trainers
  • Empathy-driven approach to understanding and exploring concepts
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100% virtual version available.
Our team works with you to accommodate most tech requirements.

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Seneca in Practice®

For those who have been through Seneca Leaders or Teams experiences and are looking to continue their personal growth, we’ve designed Seneca in Practice®—a digital toolkit to help you maintain culture momentum.

  • Digital toolkit for small or large groups of past Seneca attendees
  • Provides interactive programming and culture analysis benchmarks
  • Helps continue the culture learnings and transformations happening within your own organization

This product is designed to be 100% virtual, self-guided participation,
but we can provide facilitator-guided options as needed.

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Leadership issues are business issues

Softway’s leadership development intensives can help change your company’s culture by putting leaders at every level of your organization on a path to transforming their behaviors and attitudes. The result is resilient leaders who can lead with empathy and get better business outcomes.

  • Get your leadership united towards the same vision, using the same vocabulary, across offices and time zones
  • Show your managers how to lead teams with empathy through times of crisis
  • Teach leaders how to foster a culture of psychological safety at work
  • Develop leaders into culture change agents, to begin transforming your company into an inclusive, agile organization
  • Equip your leaders with the resilience to build bridges from survival mode to thriving mode

What it's like to work with Softway

If you’re struggling with your culture, we’ve probably been where you are now. In fact, we developed our leadership products to save our own company. It wasn’t easy, but we kept at it. Our clients noticed the transformation in our leaders and teams, and asked us to do the same for them.

From experience, we know successful transformations start with listening, observing, and asking a lot of questions to understand the layers of issues in your company’s culture. We think it’s vital to understand your specific needs before recommending our products and customizations.

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