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We partner with you to develop copywriting and content for internal and external storytelling that propels your brand.

Putting your audience at the heart of your communications

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Good communications can inform and educate your audience, and help solve their problems. But great comms can make your audience feel heard and understood. Included. Valued.

We specialize in writing content for two types of audiences: Business to Business (B2B), where we help you speak effectively with your business customers, and Business to Employee (B2E) where we help you speak directly with your employees.

Both kinds of comms are crucial to the success of your business in times of growth, and when things are uncertain. Mergers and acquisitions require special communication strategies; communicating to your customers and employees during a global crisis needs different handling. We help you get your message right, at the right time.

We know how to make your brand voice worth hearing

We start by finding out about the people you want to reach. We ask the right questions, listen, and ask more questions. We analyze what was done before and what didn’t work. 

At the same time, we’re learning about the voice of your brand. Perhaps we find that it is established and trusted—great. We’ll work with it. But, if we find that it isn’t doing its job anymore—that it is out of step with how people perceive your brand, then we’ll recommend a refresh. Small changes, if that’s all it takes, or a re-brand, which can help invigorate and re-establish your brand’s voice.

Communications that inspire your virtual workforce and clients

Beyond working with your brand voice and tone, Softway creates unique, fit-for-your-purpose content for your target audience. For you, this means we ramp up quickly, build your content calendar, and aim for delivering early, quick wins. 

We also help you monitor progress along the way by measuring how people are tuning in, reading, watching and getting engaged.



Putting communications to work

If we’re working on your B2E comms, this means your company is communicating early and often, and launching listening tools and feedback loops to bring them into the process. 

If your target audience is your B2B prospects or customers, we strategize the right amount of personalized content balanced with conversion-optimized content that lives on your website or app.

Capabilities within our communications team

Our writers ensure that key themes and ideas are delivered in consumable and effective copy for your target audiences. We create—

  • Brand messaging
  • Website content
  • Email campaigns
  • Video/animation scripts
  • Messaging strategy
  • Change management messaging
  • Internal communications
  • Presentations and thought leadership
  • Virtual workforce messaging
  • Digital content

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