These are challenging times—are your internal communications helping?

Internal comms is all about how a company prioritizes people. The way your company speaks to those on the inside is a reflection of its values. A Softway specialty is helping your business communicate effectively with your employees, or what we call B2E. 

With virtual workforces as our new reality, internal comms have never been more vital to a company’s success. Along with keeping all levels of your organization aligned and informed, internal comms can inspire, educate, guide, and even help create channels for dialogue and support. The Softway difference is linking your business goals for internal comms with the empathy and humanity that will help drive results.


Making an impact

All great internal comms initiatives do three things: set up quick wins, plan for the long-term, and build trust. But we don’t take a one-size, fits-all approach—we take the time to learn from you about your business, your people, and where you want to be. See how we’ve helped other companies with internal comms.

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Putting your internal comms on a new path


Your company’s internal communications are a powerful tool. They can help you achieve changes that directly impact your bottom line. They can be the difference between employees that feel valued and respected, or employees who feel confused and unsupported. We’re here to help you get the results both you and your employees need.

Our strategists and writers (and designers, videographers, and technology experts) become your partners in creating a plan and an execution strategy that make the most sense for your business and your people. We’ll help you uncover the missing links—the reasons your internal comms are not working anymore, or the whys behind the silence during company-wide Q&A sessions. We’ll help you navigate a new landscape of digital workforce challenges and help you craft messaginging and best practices that everyone can get behind and understand.

Some of our focus areas when planning your internal communications will include:

Listening and measurement
We always start with listening, but the listening doesn’t ever stop. Tell us your goals and challenges so we can learn your business; we’ll also  listen to your people. Let us find out how your brand is perceived by them, which may not be obvious. Later down the line, when we’ve established your plan and have launched initiatives, we still listen. Measuring the impact of the messages and words we help craft helps us refine and advance your internal brand voice, always tying back to your business goals. 

Strategy and writing
Our strategists, writers, designers, and video team work with you to create the plan and the stories that will resonate with your internal audiences. Internal comms covers a huge array of storytelling techniques and mediums. We’ll help you create your program from our deep experience —

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  • Planning, writing, and designing newsletter content

  • Strategizing and writing crisis communications

  • Scripting and shooting episodic video series and talking head videos

  • Copywriting for internet and intranet sites, social media, and creative internal campaigns

  • Writing and designing dynamic and interactive infographics for multi-channel use

  • Designing and running AMA and town hall meetings

  • Writing and designing learning and development content

  • Writing and designing presentations that stick 

  • Leadership preparation for meetings and video appearances

  • Developing brand style guides for internal communications teams

WIIFM and channels

Your internal comms will be most effective if every level of your organization can understand “what’s in it for me,” or “WIIFM.” We work with you to make sure employees understand the “why” in every message, and understand what is expected of them. Then, we help identify the right channel and timing to deliver the right message. That consideration helps ensure greater buy-in and alignment from all stakeholders.

Let us help you make great internal comms that get results

Our writers and strategists are ready to help. Whether you need a hand fixing or launching specific areas of your existing internal comms, or you need to start fresh with a new internal brand voice, we have the tools and expertise to start making a difference.

Internal comms can help your company—

  • Increase awareness and employee engagement
  • Show recognition for performance and achievements
  • Establish trust through authenticity and transparency
  • Show your company values
  • Create two-way communication channels and feedback loops
  • Support employees through guidance and education
  • Align and inspire all stakeholders
I want help with my B2E comms. I want help with my B2E comms.

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