Change management for virtual teams & modern orgs

Change management is meant to be unique to each situation. But we have seen that, over time, the focus gets lost. Methodologies and processes can get in the way.

The Softway difference is that we put people first—because how people are impacted by change matters more than process and methodology. As we focus on bringing humanity back to the workplace, we partner with your people. We align change management with your company culture, creating opportunities for the culture you’re envisioning.

Change sucks, but it doesn’t have to

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There are plenty of compelling business cases that drive decisions to make changes across an organization. And every organization approaches change differently.

Whether you prefer Kotter’s 8 Steps For Leading Change, or Prosci’s ADKAR model, we can bring cohesion and a progressive take on how change is made.

For many people, all they will really see or remember is how change is communicated. Softway humanizes your internal brand voice, and makes your change efforts more approachable and memorable for all audiences.

Lean change management that delivers

The old phrase “change is the only constant in life” is more true now than ever. The global markets are shifting constantly. Teams and entire companies are now virtual workforces—a development that shows no signs of reversing.

So, why approach change management with a long-term plan that takes a lot of up-front investment, but doesn’t plan for disruptions? Lean change management takes the agile mindset and applies it to the management aspects of change.

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Bringing empathy to the process


It’s crucial that your change efforts resonate with the people who power your company. Begin by answering the 5 Ws—Who. What. Where. When and Why. Because Softway is all about bringing humanity to the workplace, we do this in a collaborative workshop that builds alignment and allows people to imagine possibilities.

Lean change management delivers

We take measurement and feedback seriously. Our approach allows every stakeholder to operate based on real insights. We believe that quick wins and major projects have to be given equal weight; speed and simplicity have to lead every new change effort.

Our project managers keep you organized, informed and prepared along the way. You’ll be able to focus on your people, while we keep the day-to-day change management moving.

The next achievement we work towards is helping each person see how they impact change, what’s in it for them, and how they can make a difference in your organization.


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