The softer side of corporate culture transformation

Transforming the culture of an organization is daunting,—but it is possible, even with the challenges of a virtual workforce. There are small and big wins to be achieved along the way. Culture change requires intuition and the ability to tie human feelings to insights and actions. Behaviors and mindsets underpin everything. And we’ve been honing our behavior-focused, trust-building approach for years.

A proven program to deliver organizational culture change

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Softway tackles culture transformation with a wide range of workshops, team-based activities, and internal always-on content. We build a program of work to create a cycle of listening and learning followed by creating and experimenting. Leveraging The Seneca Series® and our creative services, we learn invaluable insights that empower us to bring candor and an outside perspective to crucial conversations—inspiring content, and lasting change. We’re operational as a remote workforce, and can support your teams both in-person, and in virtual team configurations.

Changing culture takes everyone

We partner with HR, business leaders, change agents, and culture managers to transform workplace culture for positive performance and outcomes. We also work with Diversity & Inclusion teams to ensure global and diverse perspectives are factored into the program. The best success happens when all of these groups are together at the table.

Culture outcomes that you can measure

Softway’s goals are your goals. But the business value we consistently see lies in team performance. When your people are aligned around the same values and cultural expectations, they operate more smoothly together. They come together with trust and respect, really listening to each other. There’s also a satisfaction that comes with working for a company that you feel really values and considers you. This results in lowering your turnover rate and increasing your employee referrals. 



Tangible proof of culture change

Investing in making a culture change takes determination and leadership commitment. Take a look at the Seneca Teams® story to hear more about a new team that wanted to get started by building trust. One specific result that can’t be undervalued is a culture’s ability to withstand times of extreme pressures. 

A culture change process that considers everyone, including remote teams

Softway designs a change program that starts with leaders but is inclusive of every part of the organization.  There’s a balancing act to ensure that everyone feels included, considered, and valued.

  • Culture assessment and goal setting
  • Leadership alignment & commitment
  • Culture strategy
  • Communications & measurement
  • Assessment and optimization 
  • Sustainment

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