Video production for stories that connect

Connecting with audiences has never been more important—or more difficult. Teams are spread out. Customers are distracted. And business outlooks are changing daily. So how do you cut through the clutter and connect with your audience quickly? By offering videos that answer your business needs.

As we move into even more digital communications, it’s important to consider how people absorb information. Over 65% of us are visual learners—and 90% of learning is transmitted visually. Are you connecting with your audience the best way possible? Whether you need to inspire your teams or assure your customers—our video production team can help you make something impactful.

A passion for video storytelling

It takes a certain kind of thinker to build a story from concept to execution. Someone with technical know-how and artistic vision. At Softway, we’re lucky to have an entire team of just those kinds of creatives. From storyboard artists to sound engineers, voiceover talent to videographers, our video team understands how all the pieces come together to create something beautiful that also connects with audiences.


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Bring your story to life


From bingeworthy Netflix shows to up-to-the-minute news clips, video is part of the fabric of our everyday lives. In fact, roughly 5 billion videos are watched globally on YouTube every single day. But, as any viewer can tell you, not all videos are created equal. The difference? It all boils down to video production.

So, what is video production, exactly?

Video production is the entire process of creating a video—from concept to filming to final file packaging and everything in between. (And believe us, there’s a whole lot in between). There are few mediums with as many moving parts as video production. It’s important to have a team on your side who understands the end-to-end process and can manage all the details along the way.

To help meet your video production vision, here are just a few of the capabilities Softway brings to the table:

  • In-house audio recording studio
  • Up-to-date equipment and software
  • Award-winning video team
  • Access to strategists, designers, writers, UX specialists, and developers
  • Special effects and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities

More than “lights, camera, action!”

There’s a lot to think about on every video shoot. When you work with Softway, we follow an expansive video production checklist to keep everything moving toward a single vision. Part of that, of course, is working with you every step of the way to get early buy-in and work efficiently.

Here’s a high-level overview of the steps we think through in the video production process.

  • It all starts by listening
    Every video we create is driven by a business need. At the beginning of your project, we’ll work with you to understand what you’re looking for—while also building out preliminary subject matter knowledge.

  • Uncovering core themes
    This is where the initial creative exploration begins, taking starter ideas and building them into fully realized story concepts. A few pieces you may see here are style frames, moodboards, and reference videos.

  • It’s story time!
    Once we’ve agreed on a concept direction, here’s where we start fleshing out the bones with scripting and storyboarding.

  • Always be prepared
    In pre-production, we think through all the details early so the video shoot is as efficient as possible. That means creating shot lists, making casting decisions, building sets, finding props, etc.

  • Ready for your close-up?
    During filming, it’s time to put all that thinking and planning into action. This step is all about capturing audio or visuals, which could mean a full video shoot, or even a voiceover recording.

  • All the finishing touches
    The difference between a good and great video can be made in post-production. That’s when the editing, grading, and sound design and mastering happens. Here, we ensure expectations for story flow and quality are met (and, hopefully, exceeded.)

Here are a few popular video types we work on

About Us Videoicon

About us videos

Sure, it makes sense to say who you are—but it’s often more impactful to show it. That’s why About Us videos are a popular way to make a statement about your business, what you do, and what matters to you.

Corporate Videoicon

Corporate message videos

Whether you need to share a public-facing message with customers or an internal-facing message with employees—we can help craft the right story, tone, and visuals. It’s how we make “talking heads” feel like whole humans.

Training Videoicon

Instructional videos

Training. Safety. IT security. Put away the pillow—instructional videos don’t have to be boring. In our past work, we’ve created serialized, story-driven content that not only educates internal teams—but also has them asking for more. (Seriously. We’re not exaggerating.)

65% of people are visual learners. Are you connecting with them?

Whether you’re thinking of internal teams, customers, shareholders or other audiences—it’s never been a better time to reinforce personal, human connections through video.

Here are just a few reasons to produce a video with Softway:

  • Increased website engagement through video viewing
  • More information can be absorbed faster when presented visually
  • Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text
  • Videos are a great way to provide rich information with limited time or visual real-estate
I need memorable videos. I need memorable videos.

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