Motion graphics: energizing your content for stronger connections with your audience

More and more, businesses are moving to virtual team models. And with that transition, part of today’s challenge is making sure less face-to-face time doesn’t result in bland, boring, and dry communications.

Motion graphics are a great way to bring energy and personality to otherwise static content. Whether you’re briefing teams with a presentation or building a website to promote your services, motion graphics can aid absorption and retention—and make your content more fun to consume.

Taking design a step further

Our motion graphics start with solid design foundations. That means everything is built with a balanced visual aesthetic that matches the tone of your communication needs. Casual. Playful. Urgent. Serious. Whatever you need, we capture it in design—then extend that thinking through motion graphics. By bringing in movement, we can help you delight, engage, and guide the people you’re speaking to.


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The human need for visual communication


Animation has helped bring ideas to life for hundreds of years. That’s right—the drive to create moving graphics predates animated film in the form of flipbooks, zoetropes, and even optical illusions. Naturally, as our visual technologies have evolved, we’ve created different types of animation. One of those is motion graphics.

Wait. Aren’t motion graphics and animation the same thing?

It can be a little confusing, we know. While motion graphics are a kind of animation, they’re used specifically to bring static text or visuals to life in a way that explains or clarifies a point.

Think outside the loading screen


There are a few places people are used to seeing motion graphics, like click actions or loading screen icons. But there’s much more that can be communicated with motion graphics. A countdown clock can create buyer urgency for an expiring offer. A steadily filling bubble in a video screen can communicate the ease of auto-playing video content. A bouncing arrow can improve user experience by quickly bringing attention to critical content or entry fields. All without words or a need for the reader to do any complex information processing.

Here are just a few places you can apply motion graphics:

  • Bringing delight to your website
    • Interaction animations
    • Icons and buttons
    • Augmented Reality (AR) experiences

  • Digital comms assets that speak volumes
    • Social media stickers
    • Custom GIFs
    • Special effects

  • Content that connects
    • Blogs
    • Infographics
    • White papers

  • Building strong awareness
    • Instructional videos
    • Animated brand elements, logos, etc.

Taking motion graphics up a notch

While motion graphics are quickly becoming a standard offering, Softway brings a unique set of capabilities to every project. Because we have creative and technology experts on-staff, we can tag-team our motion graphics projects with designers, animators, and developers. That means you get more robust and impactful motion graphics—all from a single partner.

Here’s what else you can expect when you work with Softway:


Engagement Goalicon

Engagement is always the goal

We think about the deliverable comprehensively. To us, it’s not a patchwork of words, visuals, and motion graphics. It all has to work together for seamless viewer engagement.



A little personality goes a long way

We focus on human messages reflected in comfortable, natural movement. And if there’s an opportunity for delight, whimsy, or a little humor, we’ll be certain to find it.



We know the process (and know where there’s wiggle room)

Certain tasks can be iterated quickly—like AV scripting, animatics, and storyboarding—while other steps require more waterfall production due to the reality of animation mechanics.


All Details Coveredicon

With Softway, all the details are covered

With our expansive in-house talent, we not only focus on the motion graphics themselves, but can make sure they’ll work on your site, app, or presentation. It’s how we cut down on potential bugs—and create seamless workflows with fewer handoffs.


Refresh your content and help it resonate

Whether you need to explain, train, present, or communicate important information broadly, motion graphics can help drive your points home. But the first step in understanding those communication needs is always collaborating with our clients. When you work with Softway, you’ll get a team that’s ready to listen, bounce ideas off the wall, and get to work inspired.

Motion graphics can do the communication heavy-lifting by being:

  • Efficient - visually dynamic information that can be shared quickly and widely on all forms of digital communication 
  • Engaging - 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Cost-effective - smaller motion graphics for social sharing go a long way, while punching up existing pieces can make them more engaging and memorable
I need a motion graphics partner. I need a motion graphics partner.

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