Hybrid and cross-platform apps help you efficiently code for both iOS and Android

These days, there’s no such thing as offering too many ways to help your audience connect with your business. Everyone has their preferred way to connect, whether that’s visiting your website, speaking to someone over the phone—or using an app.

Traditionally, native applications have been the standard in mobile app development, but they leave something to be desired for time and budget-conscious decision-makers. If you want to hit the ground running—and walk away with a single app code that works on both iOS and Android platforms—cross-platform and hybrid apps are a smart choice to consider.


Apps that keep business on track

Today, almost every decision-maker needs the same thing: value. And as a technology partner, we know value starts by uncovering real business challenges and helping you solve them. Whether you need a hybrid app, a cross-platform app, or any other solution, our team can help.

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Native apps aren’t the only option


It’s hard to imagine getting through a day without the help of an app. From helping HVAC technicians repair appliances to helping kids brush their teeth better, apps have completely transformed the way we interact with technology—and the world around us.

While many businesses need the ability to connect with a range of users, building native apps for both iOS and Android platforms comes with a hefty timeline and price tag. Thankfully, there are hybrid and cross-platform mobile app options to help you meet project needs while getting to the finish line sooner.

Hybrid and Cross-platform app technologies we use

Google Flutter
React Native
Microsoft Xamarin
IBM Ionic
Apache Cordova

Native, hybrid, and cross-platform—what’s the difference?

Let’s break it down (while keeping it simple.)

“I need a mobile app—but I’m not sure where to start”

Because every business challenge is different, no two solutions are the same. But typically, here are some of the scenarios we’ve heard in the past that have led us to recommend hybrid or cross-platform mobile app solutions.

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  • I have an existing app—but need to add features and upgrades
  • I need a brand-new app, but want to efficiently address both iOS and Android platforms
  • I need an app that will require complex algorithms—and it will blow up my budget/timeline to build in two separate languages
  • I need to build a small-scale application to show my data
  • I need an app to be launched as quickly as possible
  • I am looking for an enterprise solution

Working with you to get it right

Security. Automation. Modularization. These are just a few of the principles we keep in mind on every technology project. We won’t bore you with all the details, but here are a few high-level steps we take to ensure we’re delivering the highest-quality app solution possible.


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Gathering all the details

Standout projects start with the right information. That’s why it’s so important for us to get a deep understanding of your business needs and technical requirements so we recommend the best possible approach.


Ideation (and collaboration!)

Once we know your technical needs, we can dive into the fun part: thinking about ways to solve. Maybe it’s upgrading your existing app with native plug-ins. Or maybe it’s starting from scratch on something new. We’ll ideate, create, and collaborate to circle in on the best solution possible.

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Build, build, build

Here’s where we take all the great solutioning ideas and make them a reality. Our team of seasoned developers will get to work fleshing out prototypes—and efficiently looping you in as we go to deliver on (or even before) schedule.

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QA, testing, and validation

We’re not afraid to make mistakes—it’s how we test the build along the way. That’s why we provide extensive QA as part of our process to ensure your app works exactly as needed.

The answer to your app needs

Mobile applications can be deceptively complicated. We can help break down the complexity. When you partner with Softway, we’ll work to identify your timeline, budget, and maintenance realities—and come up with the perfect solution together.

Here’s what else you can expect from Softway on a hybrid or cross-platform app project:

  • Faster development pace than native applications
  • Simpler maintenance with a single source code
  • Cost-effective option that addresses iOS and Android
  • Consistent app experience across platforms
  • Ability to access native hardware through plug-ins without the extensive coding and expense of two separate native apps
I want to know my app options. I want to know my app options.

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