Culture change happens through personal commitments

The Seneca Series®  is a catalyst for culture change, and then some. Seneca inspires people to make personal commitments to change their own behaviors, and provides them with the tools to get there.

Mindsets, behaviors, and the stubborn, toughest problems are all addressed with personal introspection at the center of everything.

An event-based experience that immerses everyone

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Designed to start with leaders and empower them to model culture change, the Seneca Series® is a variety of events and digital platforms to provide an experience for everyone in your organization.

At the core, the concept of introspection is supported by an emotional journey crafted for the unique challenges of each industry and business. Leaders, teams, and individuals are given special considerations throughout.

  • Introspection is at the core of every Seneca experience
  • The emotional journey is crafted unique to each audience 
  • Your business context provides customization opportunities
  • Seneca facilitators are storytellers, translating theory to scenarios that resonate

Let’s start with a pilot and then scale

Our recommended approach is to jump-start your leaders with the Seneca Leaders 2-day experience and get early buy-in from the most influential people. Ideally, those leaders would help rollout Seneca Roots® to their teams.

For long-lasting, permanent culture change, we advise following the events with a sustainment program. Seneca in Practice® is a collection of ongoing tactics that teams and individuals can leverage to continue their journey of introspection and changing their mindsets and behaviors.

  • Seneca Leaders starts with leaders—the most influential should be modeling the change
  • Bring everyone together with Seneca Roots® to create alignment and a shared vision
  • Seneca Teams® jump-starts culture change at the team-level
  • Seneca in Practice® provides on-going connection and growth following the event-based experiences
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Behavior change

A new approach: a transformative experience for modern leaders

Using Softway's experience, we conceived of a two-day leadership training experience for our client who was in need of changing leadership behaviors to improve the culture and pervasive distrust. We covered theory, personal experiences, and activities to allow introspection and sharing. Leaders were asked to personally commit to things they would change. We hosted 12 sessions worldwide and received many expressions of gratitude and testimonials.


Seneca success stories


The Seneca Series® began in late 2018—by the end of 2019, more than 1,300 people had experienced Seneca.The long-term impacts of Seneca training show up during high-stress situations. In 2019, our Oil & Gas client had a team that spent the year embracing Seneca, learning and practicing the techniques and tools, and making a very real culture transformation in their division. 

When times got tough at the beginning of 2020, this team was the first in the company to change the way they were working. Their leadership came together, built a plan, and implemented it before other parts of the organization were able to align on how to respond. Seneca helps us find the courage to change. Seneca builds resilience.

High-performing teams is the target

Seneca is about helping each person truly deliver on their own potential while creating a shared culture vision that everyone is working toward. 

Seneca content covers—

  • What creates trust, or breaks it down
  • Uncovering resentment and unforgiveness
  • Tools for resolving conflict and overcoming skepticism
  • Building toward resilience, speed and customer satisfaction

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