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Building simple solutions for complex problems.

Softway® offers a holistic approach to strategy and consulting services. 

From ideation to technology or cultural implementation, we specialize in creating unique, practical, efficient, and outcome-focused solutions for our clients. Our strategic approach begins with a human-centric lens. How can Softway® align people and profit so you, and your team, win?

What we offer

Customer Experience

At Softway®, we focus on building tools, products, and experiences that surprise and delight our customers and the users of the technology. Our deep commitment to phenomenal customer experiences is felt in everything we do, say, and and deliver.

Now more than ever, customers experience is vital and necessary to build winning strategies that drive loyalty and competitive advantage.

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Digital Transformation

In today's landscape, if your company hasn't embraced digital—it's declining. You and your position in the market requires a comprehensive digital transformation solution—but it also requires a bespoke approach to rolling it out to your internal stakeholders and making it stick.

Our philosophy for digitization and modernization means taking your team and their needs into consideration every step of the way. From there, we can scale our solution and position our business to address today’s digital needs and tomorrow’s digital trends.

Cloud & Technology

Cloud is the next (and potentially final) digital frontier. To compete and win, you and your organization needs to become cloud competent and cloud fluent to meet and achieve your business outcomes.

But don't let those terms scare you off—once you're able to embrace a post-physical world and enter the cloud, unbelievable opportunity awaits. If you can think it, cloud can deliver it. Leverage the power of cloud computing services to reduce costs, create opportunities, build business agility—and so much more.

People & Teams

Your people are your company's greatest asset, and we help to align people and teams to your vision and mission to cultivate a better workplace through better behavior. In turn, when people behave in ways to create resilience and belonging, high-performance naturally emerges.

Based on our Culture of Love philosophy, our cultural experts work directly with multiple layers of your organization, starting with leadership, to define goals, set expectations, and create lasting change around culture and behavior.




Two decades of technology expertise, supercharged by high-performing teams.

Case Studies

ATC Cartography (MAP)_CA-01
ATC Cartography

An interactive web portal for modern application education and guidance.

Education and guidance IT organizations need to be able to adopt and implement new technologies as they come up. Project managers, technical architects, and developers within an IT group needed to understand possibilities of new and existing infrastructure and core technology services.

We provided this in the form of an graph-driven digital encyclopedia, and included a virtual wizard, named Xavier, to guide users through the platforms they would need. All of this included best practices for setting up project architectures in their ever-changing technical landscape.

Corp OE_CI-01

An employee education program to influence better investment decisions.

A corporate-group in an Oil & Gas enterprise identified a broad issue across the organization: employees' own biases and behaviors were leading to bad investment decisions.

In order to combat this, we worked to create a creative campaign involving video and a human-centered computer-based training. The video involved filming top leaders and asked them to be vulnerable and honest about their experiences with investment decisions and human error.

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