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Making human-focused technology to propel your business.

Tech implementations help improve processes and revenue—it also helps people be more efficient in any environment, from a virtual workforce to a manufacturing floor.


What we offer

Design and User Experience

Before we write a single line of code, we dream. We doodle. We sketch, refine, and learn. We imagine what your "thing" could be and then we push the envelope. We ask questions, make wild assumptions and look for ways of delivering maximum value. Then, we simplify.

After all, your users are humans, so we have to design our technology to meet and exceed their needs. Through brainstorming, concepting, visioning, user research and prototyping, we integrate UX to maximize user loyalty, usage, and enjoyment. 



Mobile App Development

For the past 14 years, Softway® has developed mobile applications used by millions of people around the world. From building all new social media platforms hosting nearly 1 million users, to turn-key applications for sports teams, radio stations, and churches.

At Softway®, we've pretty much built it all for iOS and Android. We even dabbled in Windows phone development when that was a thing.

Needless to say, we create native and cross-platform mobile applications to help achieve business outcomes and customer loyalty. 

Web App Development

Are web applications the new mobile apps? The jury's still out. But one thing is clear—the need for web app development hasn't slowed down over the past decade. In fact, web apps are getting more powerful and enabling more businesses than ever before. From complex CMS systems to portals and eCommerce solutions, Softway® can design, develop and provide ongoing web application services for a variety of customer needs.

Over the past twenty years, Softway® has deployed everything from ultra-complex CMS portals for multi-national organizations to efficient web apps for simple, straightforward tasks. 



The world is getting more and more connected—maybe even a little too connected? Like do we really need 'smart shoes'?

Softway® has expertise in creating IoT solutions and interfaces that allow people to engage with machines in simple and effective ways. Yes, that includes Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant—but it goes so far beyond the consumer integration side of the market. Which is why our team specializes in business and Industrial IoT solutions.

We unlock the possibilities of software and hardware to build life-changing experiences and technologies.


Cloud Engineering

Our team embraces a growth-mindset, and it's necessary to keep up with the ever-changing cloud ecosystem. With the speed of the cloud landscape rapidly advancing, we stay ahead.

That means that when we begin to consider developing create cloud-native solutions and applications—we're already on the cutting edge to drive speed, agility, and cost advantages.

Softway® can help propel your cloud transformation, helping your business achieve cloud fluency.


More than crypto and far beyond the hype and "use case" of NFT's, blockchain technology is they type of disruptive innovation that could radically transform how businesses operate. Web3, DAO, and more innovation around utilizing blockchain

Clients looking to increase trust around governance, transactions, and audits can use the blockchain to record information in cost-effective ways.

Softway® can develop solutions for existing blockchains that enable greater transparency for organizations. 

Application Modernization

If your data is stored on something that looks like that image to the right, call us immediately.

All kidding aside, application and data modernization is usually the last thing folks spend time and money on—until it's too late. Applications that are old, terrible to use, and are no longer receiving legacy updates are putting you and your company at risk. Modernize your business by advancing and updating your applications with modern principles and solutions to drive cost efficiencies and agility.


Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise Platforms are the core foundation that applications, processes, and technologies are developed.  Think of them like a thick slab of concrete that a sturdy, well established home can be built upon.

With a solid enterprise platform in place, our team at Softway® can implement connect, and work directly on top of API’s into enterprise platforms and SAAS technologies.




Two decades of technology expertise, supercharged by high-performing teams.

Case Studies

Goodman Cool Cloud_CI-01
Goodman Manufacturing

Partnering with a global leader in manufacturing HVAC systems to improve customer servicing.

Goodman Manufacturing, the world's largest manufacturer of HVAC systems, wanted to improve the contractor’s experience serving consumers by adding new capabilities within the Dealer First mobile application.

Softway® built a bluetooth IoT phone & tablet mobile application that wirelessly connected to certain Furnace and Air Handler units. Contractors gained a more efficient means for servicing and maintaining equipment, meaning tasks that used to require ladders and knee pads could now be solved with the push of a button.

Daikin - SplitXpress_CI-02

Partnering with a global leader in HVAC to improve system design process.

Daikin needed to streamline how their contractors and dealers worked with residential and commercial customers to design HVAC systems. In this very technical project, we partnered to develop an app and website that guides contractors and dealers through the questions they need to ask and the information they need to gather.

The tools provide validation to make sure parts are compatible. The result is a system design, process designs, and a comprehensive quote.

Modern Architecture

Redesigning an e-commerce platform to optimize for growth.

Softway® made strategic improvements to the client's complex legacy systems that enabled the client to scale and achieve their goals without a complete overhaul.

With a modernized technical architecture, cloud-native infrastructure, a redesigned customer experience, our client is ready for whatever comes next.

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