Our cultural pillars drive

How individual behaviors yield great teams,
a healthy culture, and more innovation.

Breaking down what it means to be a 
high-performing team.

When people feel a sense of inclusion and belonging, they perform better at work. Teams that can share openly and honestly with each other reduce communication delays and internal issues that put projects at risk. Leaders that own up to mistakes and encourage experimentation create an environment of innovation.

In other words, a great workplace culture (founded on how we treat each other) creates the environment for high-performing teams to emerge.

Applied to our client's technology needs, Softway's approach to high-performance improve innovation, reduce rework, and streamline communication, leading to improved outcomes. 

When high-performing people and teams build your solutions, any technology need or business objective becomes easier to realize.

Six pillars of

Inclusion | Empathy | Vulnerability
 Trust | Empowerment | Forgiveness.

At Softway®, every team member actively strives to practice each of these six pillars. They are woven into the DNA of our culture. You’ll feel it the very first time you talk with one of our team members all the way through the project hand-off and ongoing sustainment and support. 

These 'pillars' are not in any particular order of importance, and should all be applied equally to fully unlock the power of high-performing teams. Like a six cylinder engine, each pillar relies on the other. If one 'misfires' teams aren't fully capable of functioning at optimal levels.

A team that's Inclusive:

Fosters innovation through diverse thinking and unconventional wisdom. Unlocks the value of new, innovative ideas from all team members, not just leaders.

A team that Empathizes:

Understands a client and end users' needs beyond the surface. Supports each other beyond workplace needs, creating care and trust. Works happier together, minimizing inefficiencies from stress and friction.

A team that’s Vulnerable:

Owns up to mistakes, creating streamlined communication and a more transparent environment. Aren’t afraid to find help when they need it, staying ahead of speed bumps or delays.Values honesty over harmony, reducing wasted time

A team that Trusts:

Improves processes efficiency and innovation by creating the freedom to explore and grow together. Maintains high bandwidth communication internally and with stakeholders. Never sweats the small stuff, creating a tight-knit, outcome-focused team.

A team that Empowers:

Sets everyone up for success (not through micro-management) but coaching and guiding because every member is a powerful contributor. Unlocks creativity and innovation at every level by challenging people to go beyond their skill sets.

A team that Forgives:

Reduces misbehavior and see’s team members as more than their mistakes. Creates stronger bonds that also improve mental and physical health


Our way of working is now a
Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestseller.

Written by four of the leaders at Softway®, Love as a Business Strategy® offers a new, people-first framework for achieving any business outcome by creating an environment of high performance.

A better way of doing business is possible. Get ready to ditch the status quo and embrace humanity.