The Rise of Conversational User Interfaces Promotion

This could well be a typical day in the year 2020, with conversational user interfaces becoming an integral part of our lives. You wake up in the morning and realize you are out of milk. “I’m out of milk,” you say. Your voice assistant responds, “Shall I order milk for you?” Within minutes, the milk is delivered to your home. The local supermarket has your...

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Voice Interactions To Rule Technology Promotion

Voice interactions are slowly but surely gaining a foothold in ecommerce and becoming a convenient way to use technology. You don’t need to navigate a website or search for information by keying in text anymore. You can simply ask a question to your voice assistant and within seconds, you have the information at your fingertips. Learn how leading technology companies like Google and Amazon are...

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Marketing strategy: Why best practices do more harm than good? Strategy

Today, the internet is flooded with styles of thought-leadership. Experts from different fields have ramped up their efforts to share what works and what doesn’t.  While this is a boon to companies across, there is also the flip side that no one talks much about, when it comes to implementing a marketing strategy. Key takeaway: Best practices aren’t a one size-fits all. Lesser the content,...

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