5 Traits of a High-Performing Team

A lot of organizations like to throw the term “high-performing” around. But what does it actually mean? Most leaders can agree that high-performing teams possess these five traits.

Trait #1: Autonomous.
The members of high-performing teams are capable of working with limited oversight. They’re able to self-prioritize efficiently and link their work back to goals.

Trait #2: Six-pillar culture.
High-performing teams have a culture represented by six pillars: Inclusion, trust, empowerment, vulnerability, empathy, and forgiveness.

Trait #3: “We” is greater than “I.”
Members of high-performing teams are motivated to help each other. They pay attention to their teammates’ needs and engage with empathy.

Trait #4: Outcomes-oriented.
Low- or average-performing teams tend to deliver only what is asked of them. A high-performing team, by contrast, delivers what is needed, not necessarily what is requested.

Trait #5: Fine with failure.
Lastly, high-performing teams see failure not as a destination, but as an opportunity to learn.

If your team doesn’t already possess these traits, encourage their development. With each earned or improved trait, your team’s performance will improve as well.