The Measurement of Success

Some would argue that: talent + hard work = success.

At Softway authenticity, kindness and love are our measures of success. These attributes foster creativity and innovation, and they are directly related to having a team that brings their full selves to work, speaks freely in the presence of leadership and challenges ideas.  

I’ve learned that being an effective leader doesn’t mean I’m always right, the best at everything or an expert in all areas of work that my team produces.

Good leaders hire a diverse group of people – some who have the traits, experience and expertise that they lack – and then trust them to do their jobs.

This is what nurtures high-functioning and high-performing teams. 

As I grow in leadership, I see the value in a team that tells me the truth even when it may be uncomfortable. They are transparent and share feedback in real-time. I believe they feel a sense of ownership in our company’s future because they are consistently looking for opportunities to make us better. Because of this, we have created a culture that supports modernization, creative ideas that are a little risky and technology that centers people, not machines.

This is what success looks like to me.