Happy Holidays from Team Softway!

At Softway, each person is gifted two weeks vacation for the holidays and our offices close. We see this as an opportunity for all of us to completely shut down from work and be present in our personal lives. 

Softway has had an amazing 2019, and as a leader, I am proud of many achievements, including traveling the world to teach leaders how to bring humanity back to their workplaces through the Seneca Series. With all that we have done, THE most important aspect of Softway so far is the love we have for each other that drives the work we create. 

Our vision is Good Humans, Better Business.

We live this for ourselves and will continue teaching other companies how to create loving, empathetic and successful workplaces.

Yes, it can be done! I am excited to share more of this with you when we return to the offices in January. Until then, thank you to the Softway team, our families, clients and partners – I love you all.

Enjoy the Holiday season!