GS Marketing

Brand Strategy

Stepping out of their sister company’s shadow

Fortifying GSM’s roots with Toyota—while branching out into new markets, and positioning them for unbridled growth.

What we did

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy

The client

Gulf State Marketing (GS Marketing) was formed as a sister company of Gulf State Toyota (GS Toyota), one of the world’s largest independent distributors of Toyota parts and vehicles.

The ask

GS Marketing had experienced tremendous success through their close relationship with Toyota, but they wanted to branch out and capture a more diverse share of the market.

Softway was tasked with helping expand GS Marketing’s brand presence within their current market space, while differentiating themselves from their Toyota roots for future growth. They also wanted to improve their end-customer experience online and in client relations.


Our approach

Softway started the engagement with GS Marketing as we start every new partnership—by performing an intimate, deep dive into GS Marketing and their capabilities. In order to shift how GS Marketing plays in new and existing markets, we first needed to understand what makes them unique, what gives them the edge—and ultimately, answer the question, “who is GS Marketing?”

To get to know GS Marketing we spent our time listening to our client through:


—Brand workshops

—Stakeholder workshops

—Customer interviews

—Focus groups

—Collaborative brainstorms


How we did it

A messaging framework with resonance

The inspiration and direction for the rebrand was less about reinvention, and more about finding a way to bridge the gap between their current culture and their future strategic objectives.

A visual identity that reflects their unique identity.

As a part of our effort to propel GS Marketing’s brand into the future, we needed to address their dated visual identity.

Going forward, GS Marketing would be known as GSM. Being in business for three decades is a rare thing. It’s that very longevity that inspired the new visual identity. This new logo isn’t simply eye-catching—it shows that GSM has the boldness to dominate the automotive marketing industry.


Showcasing their clout

One of the goals of Softway’s engagement with GSM was to improve their end-customer experiences online. That meant walking a mile in the end-users’ shoes, vicariously living every click, and constantly asking ourselves, “could this be better, quicker, easier, more intuitive?”

The final outcome was a beautiful, useful website that didn’t just reflect GSM’s unique identity and services—but effectively guided users through the entire purchasing journey.



— A messaging framework that clearly communicates GSM is the automotive marketing people.

—A new, transformed visual identity that shows that GSM has the boldness to dominate the automotive marketing industry.

—A sleek, easy-to-use website for a pleasurable customer journey.


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