Seneca Teams

Oil & Gas Enterprise

Building trusting teams—without trust falls

Learn how we helped a recently formed team inside an O&G corporation work better together from the inside out.

What we did

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Culture Change

The client

A revenue division within a Fortune 20 O&G enterprise

The situation

Big changes were afoot inside one of the world’s largest companies. As a result, a team had recently been formed within a key revenue center of the business. One of the leaders on the team saw an opportunity to equip this still-forming team with the right tools for success—and she knew Softway could help.

The ask

The team activities and training needed to unfold over a single day. And they needed it all fast (in less than a month.)


Our approach

Our biggest fear: falling into the trap of creating your typical, cheesy, team-building exercises. Instead, we did in-depth research, and aimed to connect with the team’s known (and unknown) needs to finely tailor their training experience.

“The [Softway] team did a fantastic job of keeping folks engaged and the energy levels were sustained throughout the day. I personally got a lot out of the session, learned some new things about [myself] through introspection, and I learned new things about my team. A very productive day."

- Seneca Teams participant

How we did it

Drilling down to core issues

We interviewed client stakeholders and team members to get a better sense of what was working within the team, what wasn’t, and what a successful team looked like to them. With these insights in-hand, we dove into content brainstorming and creation.

Asking (and answering) the right questions

While we knew the underlying spirit of Seneca Sessions would be a part of our solution, we also knew this team experience needed to answer a different set of questions. Like:


—What are great teams made of?

—When team members “misbehave," what are the root causes?

—How much does trust play into high-performing team dynamics?

—How comfortable are people really with honest feedback?

—Can team performance actually impact the bottom line?

Seneca Teams was born

We used all of the information above to build a training experience that could create maximum impact for their team’s growth over a single day.



Through Seneca Teams, we created an open environment where attendees could safely learn and introspect on the ways to make meaningful change—together.

Jet-lagged, but all-in

Participants had flown in from all over the world, so it would have been understandable if people needed to “rest their eyes” a bit. But despite the jet lag, participants were 100% engaged. Laptops stayed closed. Eyes stayed open. And teammates brought their all to every exercise. To us, this was a real-time measure of success.


Sharing it with the world.

The Seneca Teams session was so successful that Softway has incorporated it into our family of Seneca training options. Interested in your own Seneca Teams experience?

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