CDSE Comms

Communiction Strategy

Building belief in digital

The right communication strategy can turn skeptics into believers in an industry where digital transformation has historically lagged

What we did

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Culture Change

The client

The IT group within a Fortune 20 Oil & Gas enterprise

The situation

A large digital transformation initiative was launched across the global corporation, including 28+ transformational projects reaching tens of thousands of employees. Its success depended on awareness and buy-in of each individual to adopt a wide breadth of change. In addition, this initiative had captured interest at the executive level. The pressure was intensified as the communication and change management continued to be put in the backseat by the stakeholders.

The ask

With this new initiative, not only did the client need great content, they also needed to re-think existing channels and embrace an agile approach. The ask: a dedicated Softway team ready to analyze, create, measure, and pivot.


Our approach

The client knew the communication needs would be a huge undertaking—so big that they didn’t know where to start. We began with a structured listening program so we could develop a detailed understanding of all of the projects. Specifically, we wanted to:

1. Discover what our large audience already knew about this program and the 28+ projects within it.

2. Digest the current status of each project, and fully understand the desired outcome they wanted to see within their target audience.

3. Build an iterative program of communication and change management tactics to work alongside the 28+ projects.

How we did it

As with any major change initiative, we had to start with the big picture, and then more closely identify the “what’s in it for me?” aspects that would resonate with individuals, based on each project and the audience. 


The first 90 days

After establishing the foundation, we went deeper into every project and began assessing the specialized needs of each rollout. We made it our mission to break down the corporate-speak and infuse timely, relevant, and valuable content. Along the way, we created new communication channels, upped the usage of video, and infused genuine humanity into as many messages as possible.




—Visual identity with guidelines

—Messaging system


—Overview video

Additional touchpoints created


—Templates: PowerPoint, Email, Social Posts

—Immersive Show & Tell tradeshow event

—Humanizing leaders video series

—SWAG: socks, stickers, buttons, totes, Tide to go pens (really!)



The communication program for this initiative has created a benchmark within the client’s organization. Their most immediate audience was completely tuned out when we started the program. Within 6-months, the digital platforms’ measures had exceeded all expectations. Around the same time, people started to show up—to events, to rollouts. To any meeting where they could get involved. It was clear that the communication efforts had truly brought people together to embrace the digital transformation.

What now?

This project was completed in 2018, but digital transformation continues to take priority for this IT organization. The channels, content strategy, and specific initiatives built by Softway continue to act as a foundation for organization-wide communications. The tone and voice of communication has changed for good, and they have created a distinctive and respected brand, company-wide.


Let’s make something.

I need to communicate change.