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Mobile applications for new enterprise IT challenges

Your mobile application strategy starts and ends with your people. We architect and build mobile apps that help humans drive business. We partner with IT teams to develop future-ready mobile solutions.

Our mobile development approach

Softway works with you to understand how mobile technologies can help the people that move the business forward. Our mobile development approach consists of:

  • Understanding the humans & business
  • Understanding the ecosystem around the application
  • Assessing technological factors and requirements
  • Architecting for today and tomorrow
  • Designing for context and content
  • Developing and deploying for easier maintenance
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The increasing complexity of mobile development

Mobile technology changes by the day. iOS and Android updates. Devices. Operating systems and coding languages. Adding to that complexity is virtualization, privacy, security, and safety. Enterprise organizations are facing a balancing act that requires forward-looking and future-ready solutions for mobile.


Delivering results with our mobile technologies.

Not sure about how mobile can help your business? We’ve seen mobile technology help solve some of these common business problems:

  • Productivity with field employees (maintenance workers, salespeople, technicians, onsite foremen, and rig operators)
  • Loyalty and engagement with customers, patients, and contractors
  • Efficiency within manual or paper-driven processes
  • Interfaces with industrial equipment or residential appliances (IoT)
  • Faster diagnostics and support for supply chain, production, or product issues

What are common applications we develop for mobile experiences?

  • Native apps that live completely on either iOS technologies or Android technologies.
  • Hybrid apps that bring together web technologies and native mobile technologies.
  • Cross-platform apps that create platform-agnostic apps, reducing the effort to write code.

Moving business forward with mobile solutions

Mobile applications engage and empower your employees and customers. Virtual teams working from home. Remote employees in the field. Global customers on-the-go. No matter which audience your mobile strategy supports, your applications have to make everyone successful. The other side to your mobile strategy connects with your infrastructure and business processes. We work to bring users, systems, and processes together for measurable results.

Efficient systems

Partnering with a global leader in HVAC to improve system design process.

Daikin needed to streamline how their contractors and dealers worked with residential and commercial customers to design HVAC systems. In this very technical project, we partnered to develop an app and website that guides contractors and dealers through the questions they need to ask and the information they need to gather.

The tools provide validation to make sure parts are compatible. The result is a system design, process designs, and a comprehensive quote.

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You're in good company

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Leverage Vulnerability:

  • Streamline communication
  • Stay ahead of speed bumps and delays
  • Reduce rework