Your success is not for our fame.

We do what we do to bring humanity back to the workplace.

We do so through changing work cultures, humanizing technology, and propelling brands forward. Working with us (we hope) is an experience in and of itself. We laugh. And cry—yes, cry—with client partners. We empathize. Analyze. Validate. And bring levity. But these human traits add up to results. We develop bonds with the humans we collaborate with and encourage our team to bring their full selves to every project and engagement to further the work and its outcomes.

(Servant) Leadership

Not perfect by any means, but on a never ending journey of service to the team and our clients. These are the ones who guide, serve, and influence our digital agency across Bangalore and Houston. 


Mohammad Anwar President and Co-founder


Taj Anwar Co-founder and Managing Director (Softway India)


Chris Pitre Vice President


Saif Khan Vice President of Technology


Jeff Ma Project Management Director


Kristen Gerner Director of Change Strategy


Frank Danna Director of Culture and Seneca


Nathan Smith Associate Creative Director


Julia Good Associate Creative Director


Brian Jacob Associate Creative Director


JJ Jose Director of Technology Experience


Taban Rashid Financial Controller


Parthi Manoharan Director of Operations (Softway India)


Khalid Hakim Co-founder and Director of Administration


Saquib Hakim Co-founder and Strategy Governance


We practice what we teach.

We are by no means academics but an agency. We are practitioners. As we work with enterprise organizations on their transformations, we show by doing, not preaching. Data and metrics matter, but we believe that true change is felt before it’s measured. And that starts with what we do within our walls.

Our teams are developed to be servant leaders with each other and our clients. We take ownership, regardless of our role. We see the world through the humans we’ve found from all parts of it. We elevate and celebrate that diversity in projects and everyday interactions—you should come visit during lunchtime.