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A new webtool for better Q&A.
Because a good question is a terrible thing to miss.

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The power of questions

A question-friendly environment means more trust, better alignment, and stronger relationships with clients. However, as offices shift into virtual spaces, asking questions becomes challenging.

Just Ask is a nimble tool to help you meet that challenge⁠⁠—and it's just the beginning. Learn why better questions mean better business, grab some tips for your next virtual client meeting, and see how Just Ask can help your business, in our content series.

Unlock the power of questions

Better Q&A with clients

Purpose built—for questions


Just Ask is a purpose built digital tool for curbing question-anxiety, cutting through tech problems, and empowering humans in to stay curious. Take a look a some of Just Ask’s human-tailored features that improve both sides of the ampersand:

  • Create a Just Ask space for any event
    • Set a date and time, easily share the URL, and you’re off—it’s quick, seamless, and intuitive.
  • No more sitting on your hands
    • See questions as they happen. Just Ask boosts audience interaction and helps you keep the Q’s and A’s in order.
  • See what's important
    • Attendees upvote and downvote submitted questions, giving the host visibility into the most pressing issues.
  • Optional anonymity (for honesty)
    • Anonymity ensures that everyone walks away with understanding, without the embarrassment of saying “I don’t get it.”
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