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Boost audience engagement by making Q&A easier

As your team adjusts to a new working normal, use Just Ask to facilitate Q&A sessions and webinars. Ensure everyone is heard and important questions get answered. 

Use Just Ask during Q&A portions of client meetings. The download-text feature means more accurate note-keeping for better follow-up.

Give everyone a voice in meetings and webinars

  • Increase audience interaction by enabling them to ask questions live 
  • Questions can be asked anonymously 
  • Attendees can vote on questions posted by others


Get actionable data from your all-hands events

  • See real-time audience voting on questions submitted
  • Download Qs & As after the event
  • Export data from the meeting so you can run a sentiment analysis to measure the mood of your audience

How to use Just Ask

  • Click “Yes—I want Just Ask!” button 
  • Sign up using your work email to register as a Just Ask Host 
  • Create your event in Just Ask
  • Share Just Ask secure event link with your attendees —either in your existing event invitation or at the beginning of your live event
  • During your live event, attendees join the Just Ask tool through the secure event link, to submit Qs, and vote on submitted Qs
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