Changing workplace culture for good.

Toxic and dormant cultures hurt business performance.

As an agency with a focus on business-to-employee relations, we handle big and small change across an enterprise. We believe that change management and internal communications can and should feel more human. So we build and create the campaigns, initiatives, and content that help the humans you value adopt, adapt, and perform in transformation

Toxic workplace cultures have driven 20% of U.S. employees out of their jobs in the past five years—at a turnover cost greater than $223 billion.

When done right, culture can improve profitability, safety, innovation, retention, engagement, and productivity. Assuming it will resolve itself? Or that posters in the breakroom will inspire change? Softway can help you by bringing a human touch, creativity, and a little imagination to your cultural transformation.

Culture services

Softway sees change from a human lens and modifies process to meet their needs without losing sight of the outcomes expected. We’ve worked within global companies to unite culture and sustain change through our services.


Change strategy

Good change management starts with informed planning and strategy. We favor lean and agile methods to ensure change tactics adapt to the pace of transformation. Softway builds custom change management strategies fit for purpose that include the following:

—— Assessments & benchmarking
—— Leadership alignment
—— Goal definition
—— Change management framework (custom)
—— Change management protocols
—— Future visioning
—— Feedback loops
—— Measurement


Internal communications

Employee engagement within change management can be challenging for business, especially within culture transformation. Softway’s strategists, artists, and technologists come together to deliver creative and compelling communication plans to engage the humans in your business with the change management strategy.

—— Personas and audience insights
—— Communications roadmap
—— Tools and resources to empower stakeholders (leaders, change networks, middle managers)
—— Content (videos, articles, email campaigns, intranet websites, posters, presentations)



The catalyst for culture change starts with behaviors. Whether a leader or not, everyone in an organization should be aware of how their behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes impact others and the performance of their teams. Seneca is a series of products and experiences that sparks individual and team commitment to culture transformation.

Our mindset

We believe that culture is fundamentally shaped and established by the behaviors within your walls. Successful cultures should display trust, inclusion, forgiveness, respect, empathy, and love. We practice these tenets within our own walls and share that with our customers. Softway infuses these elements within the fabric of a customer’s culture through change management and internal communications.