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Caring for clinicians.

B2E solutions for healthcare

Supporting the people who drive our hospital systems has never been more critical. Softway’s business-to-employee (B2E) solutions help clinicians and caregivers build their leadership skills to achieve more effective patient care, higher satisfaction, and more.


Where we fit in.

The key to improving patient safety and quality?

Focus on your people.

We may not know the business-end of a stethoscope, but at Softway, we understand the power of people. Right now, the very real dynamics inside your hospital staff are helping—or hurting—the quality of care your patients receive, the job satisfaction of your employees, and the revenue of your hospital.

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Don’t go it alone.

Our approach could save lives (and careers).

Our B2E solutions provide all physicians and clinical leadership with the tools to:

• Avoid costly and regrettable attrition
• Create the trusting environments to avoid errors and safety events
• Improve patient experiences while maintaining efficiencies
• Open up new career paths to dedicated clinicians
• Identify and mitigate clinician burnout

Ah, the good stuff.

For every people problem,
there’s a Softway solution.


*We adhere to CDC guidelines and recommendations for ALL in-person events.

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Great leaders don’t just improve quality of care—they improve quality of work-life in the health system. That’s why Seneca Leaders® was created: to help the most influential members of your staff develop better clinical leadership practices that benefit everyone. This engaging, empathy-led experience focuses on guiding behaviors and practices that bring humanity and efficacy to the forefront. From creating high-reliability cultures to improving retention and morale, and decreasing burnout, we provide the tools to help you take a people-first approach to managing your team—while also achieving critical outcomes.

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Seneca Roots®

We believe change starts with leaders—but it can’t stop there. Seneca Roots® is the answer. This companion learning experience is a distillation of the Seneca Leaders® curriculum, designed to get your entire staff up to speed. With Seneca Roots®, you’ll find a scalable training system that enables you to create broad alignment on expectations for behaviors, performance, and values. Because when we have shared knowledge, we can find common ground, hold each other accountable, and discover new opportunities to grow.

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Seneca GO® app

Growth doesn’t happen overnight. Even when teams get the right training, new concepts have to be revisited and practiced to be retained. Seneca GO® is the key. Think of it like an executive coach in your pocket. The Seneca GO® smartphone app helps users build on the fundamentals shared in Seneca Leaders® and Seneca Roots®. This app gives your clinicians the access and flexibility to be able to sustain and practice newly acquired critical skills when it makes the most sense for their busy schedules.

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Everybody loves a free sample.

Our free mini-sessions frame up key learnings from our full-length Seneca experiences. Join us, and discover how Seneca can help your business in an intimate group of your peers across industries.

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Culture+ Counter

We know being a high-reliability healthcare system has never been more important. We also know the many mindsets, sentiments, and emotions of your staff influence your hospital’s overall performance. Culture+ Counter provides a way to track the key behavior indicators (KBI) that lead to high-reliability practices to improve safety and quality through effective leadership. In addition, this platform allows us to tie KBI back to your key performance indicators (KPI) and business outcomes. The result: more empowered decision-making when it comes to your health system’s inner-workings.

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Culture+ Bridge

It’s easy for diversity and inclusion (D&I) education to become check-the-box compliance training. Bridge is different. Our comprehensive digital product provides engaging content on the different elements of D&I that can impact both workplace dynamics and quality of patient care. In fact, D&I awareness among your hospital system is a social determinant of health for your patients. Make sure your entire staff has the resources to identify their own unseen biases that may be causing harm.

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Internal comms

Transparency is key in any workplace—but it is especially critical inside of clinical settings. From broadly communicating new policies to updating specific safety procedures, our team of writers and designers can help make sure your message is seen and heard. We develop content from a user-first perspective, making sure you get clear, digestible information that lets people absorb much-needed messaging—then get back to work.

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Reliability and technology go hand-in-hand. Our TechX service combines deep technology expertise with user experience (UX) thinking, enabling our team to create tech solutions that meet real-world clinical needs. From apps that keep your care goals on track to sensors that keep your clinical practices as safe as possible, we’re uniquely positioned to help.

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Check out our Love As a Healthcare Strategy podcast episode. We sit down with Dr. Rod Brace as he outlines why the need for transparency, mutual trust and respect is vital to creating thriving and safe healthcare organizations.

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