UNICEF case study

Softway's UNICEF Social Media Case Study


  • Raise millennial’s awareness about displaced refugees
    running from Boko Haram
  • Tie social media campaign with UNICEF’s global
    awareness and aid efforts


  • Use Snapchat to spearhead the social media campaign,
    since it’s one of the strongest social media channels to
    reach millennials
  • Focus campaign content on Snapchat platform and
  • Leverage influencers on Snapchat to boost visibility
  • Use Twitter and Tumblr as amplification of social
    media message
UNICEF Bring Back Our Childhood
UNICEF Snapchat Campaign Case Study


UNICEF works for a more equitable world by fighting for the rights of its future: children. They provide long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

To power their campaign, Softway used content provided by one of UNICEF’s earlier initiatives. South African children, displaced or affected by Boko Haram, were asked to draw what they missed most about home. These drawings were the source of visual inspiration and pathos for the Snapchat campaign.

The campaign started April 12, 2015. Snapchat stories were created and posted over the course of eight days.

Six Snapchat influencers were contracted to create a story each day. The influencers were instructed to select a specific story of a child, based on their drawing, and tell the story behind the drawing and recreate it in their own way.

Each influencer was instructed to include a call-to-action to “Add UNICEF on Snapchat” as well as challenge their followers to submit their own drawings, illustrating what they would most miss about home.
Social Media Campaign for UNICEF
Social Media Campaign for UNICEF


The UNICEF channel experienced continuous follows throughout the entire week. However, the majority of followers joined the second day, when influencers Shonduras and Miologie had stories up at the same time.

Over the eight days, UNICEF Snapchat followers climbed to over 2,000 from 10. Snapchat users consumed over 4,500 hours of content over the course of the campaign. The campaign ended with 1,850 average views per story.

Over 200 news articles and press releases from around the world referenced the activity and activism of the UNICEF campaign. In addition, UNICEF’s Tumblr Account was shared over 1,100 times on Twitter during the campaign.
Social Media Campaign for UNICEF
Social Media Campaign for UNICEF
Social Media Campaign for UNICEF
Social Media Campaign for UNICEF
“No one will truly understand what you all did for UNICEF until a little down the road, but it was a massive endeavour and I can only praise your efforts to the heavens above. Seriously, you guys are professionals all the way and it was my honor and privilege to get to work alongside you all with this campaign.”

Nicholas Ledner,
Digital Knowledge Coordinator

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