Torch sets energy industry on fire

Softway Case Study for Torch Energy


Disrupt the energy industry by offering an electricity price brokerage service.


  • Allow customers to name their price for electricity
  • Allow retail energy suppliers to match customer’s price
  • Develop the platform online


Torch Energy Solutions and Softway partnered to develop an online platform that allows Texas residents to name their electricity price, and Texas energy providers to meet the demand. We developed the web-powered portal to provide Torch Energy an experience that is simple for the customer and highly customizable for retail energy providers.

The “Name Your Electricity Price” concept was the starting point. Making price the top priority, the Torch Energy system asks energy customers two simple questions: What is your zip code? And, what do you want to pay? Once that information is collected, the system suggests plans based on a customer price match.

Torch Energy Website Development
Torch Energy Website Development

Technology empowers customers to become savvy purchasers in all areas of their life. Torch leveraged technology to create a marketplace where energy demand and supply are connected more closely than ever before.

We knew the unique concept would attract young, technology savvy customers. But we still needed to announce our existence to the world. So through a combined PPC and social media marketing effort, we launched a highly targeted campaign to reach early adopters.

Social Media Campaigns for Torch Energy


  • 17 National electricity and gas suppliers partnered with Torch, August 14, 2014 – July 15, 2015
  • Over 4,700 visitors during trial period, August – September, 2014
  • Strong retention rates; Over 80 percent of customers returned to the site to re-enroll after a fantastic enrollment experience
  • Over 17,000 visitors to the site, October 2014 – March 2015
  • Of those visitors in the launch period, over 20 percent named their price for electricity on the website

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