Baker Hughes breaks through
e-commerce barrier

Oil & Gas 3D Product Model
Oil & Gas Drilling 3D Model


Redesign and reconstruct an e-commerce experience for desktop and mobile with simplified administration on the backend.


  • Implement Magento e-commerce
  • Simplify checkout process to one page
  • Create responsive design for mobile experience
Oil & Gas Responsive Website


Baker Hughes is a worldwide provider of oil and gas
essentials through the website.
They sell a wide variety of products, including drill bits,
fluids and chemicals.

Oil & Gas Responsive Website - Tablet
Oil & Gas Mobile Site Design Oil & Gas Ecommerce Website

Prior to working with Softway, the website struggled with engagement and conversions due to an outdated content management system.

A high priority for the client was ease of management. Magento e-commerce was the go-to solution for online retail heavy lifting. We recommended responsive design, versus a mobile website or app, to simplify future updates.

Considering the global audience accessing the site, it was imperative taxes and shipping were calculated accurately. Design and development executed perfectly, and in less than three months we tested and planned for launch.

Oil & Gas Ecommerce Mobile Design Oil & Gas Responsive Ecommerce Website
Oil &  Gas Online Store Development


  • Real-time shipping and tax calculation
  • Multiple payments options, such as credit cards, ACH and purchase orders
  • Hand-coded email marketing templates
  • Multiple custom forms

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