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 Branding Services for Goodman


Improve on-boarding.


  • Create a lovable and fun mascot
  • Make animated videos viewable on any device
Branding Animation for Goodman Mobile Optimized Videos for Goodman
Goodman Brand Mascot


In order to make the HR videos more entertaining and fun, and not put new employees to sleep, we created an internal brand mascot to narrate the animated videos, Cody Comfort. Cody engaged new employees, and introduced them to the company. Further, Cody outlined the company's policies, and conducted product training.

As a final step, we optimized the videos for easy streaming over the web to any computer or mobile device. New employees then watched the videos at their leisure and convenience before coming in to start work.

Creative Animation for Goodman


  • Improved on-boarding
  • Extended the brand with a friendly mascot

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