Get to first oil,

Application Software for Baker Hughes


Launch free well management software for independent operators


  • Get independent operators interested
    through no cost but their time
  • Demonstrate the value of a digital
    workflow vs. paper


FastOil was Baker Hughes' play to create an information ecosystem. By giving away free well management software, they would collect lots of data and insights on their customers. This could then be used to deepen their customer relationship and monetize the information.
However, they needed a branding and marketing play to get jump started.

Marketing Services for Baker Hughes
Branding Services for Baker Hughes

To get independent operators interested we set up an event, in Silicon Valley fashion, to announce and demo the iPad app, while also offering a workshop to attendees.

The event was solicited using the emails of existing customers open to new product announcements from Baker Hughes.

In the email we linked to the microsite we built for product information and event signup. In the email, we created a sense of urgency by limiting attendance to less than 30 people per workshop, and including an event countdown. Attendance was encouraged by promising every attendee an iPad with the FastOil app pre-installed.

Email Campaigns for Baker Hughes

For the FastOil launch, we had full event coverage that included signage for the sign-in station, event posters, name tags, an event presentation and marketing video.

We offered a workshop at the event to answer questions, and help attendees get up to speed with the app quickly. Further, we encouraged adoption by demonstrating how the app could easily replace their paper system without any equipment cost or transition pain, and giving them near real-time drilling progress via a digitized Daily Drilling Report.


  • Great first turnout
  • Spread by word of mouth
  • Booked attendees for additional workshops

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