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Our full Seneca Leaders™ events are guided one-day and two-day virtual experiences. In this free, condensed event, you'll discover what makes the full event the most unique and transformative leadership training available today.

This free mini-session will highlight one key topic and one interactive activity from the full Seneca Leaders™ experience—universal concepts delivered in actionable, approachable ways to transform leadership behaviors and improve business outcomes.

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Facilitated by culture experts.

Four years ago, our own leaders inside of Softway began a powerful transformation journey, which helped us create Seneca Leaders™. Through Seneca, we share our path to radical culture change with other leaders and teams who are struggling with the same problems that nearly killed our business.

Meet the team who will take you on your Seneca Leaders™ journey:

Mohammad Anwar

CEO of Softway

Chris Pitre

VP of Softway


Ashley Vega

Associate Director


Lydia Hutchings Bardin

Project Lead

Jeff Ma

Director of Project Management

Frank Danna

Director of Culture & Seneca


Seneca Leaders™ mini-session takeaways:

  • To create more resilient leaders, we consider introspecting on the ways individual behaviors create an impact on culture.

  • To dismantle outdated leadership styles, we identify how small, inclusive changes in your own personal behavior can have big effects on others.

  • To improve morale and employee retention, we showcase how misbehaviors and unforgiveness can be the legacy of your leadership.

    And much more!

What makes Seneca Leaders™ unique?

    • We are practitioners, not academics—everything we teach comes from real-world examples.
    • We employ an empathetic teaching style driven by storytelling and lived experiences.

    • We cultivate introspection to help leaders understand the “why” behind their behaviors.

    • We've created a virtual learning environment that combines interactive second screen technology with top-tier facilitation that maximizes audience participation and concept retention.


The free Seneca Leaders™ mini-session is a 1.5 hour experience designed for optimal engagement.

As a preview event for the full Seneca Leaders™ experience, this mini-session will help you see how impactful the one-day and two-day events are.


We've created a proprietary companion mobile experience (no downloading necessary) as a second screen to provide even more engagement opportunities within sessions.

We rely on Zoom to deliver the best virtual experience and ask that cameras be turned on for participants and facilitators.


Unlike other trainings, Seneca Leaders™ relies heavily on stories and lived experiences. We have structured the session for a virtual environment to ensure attendees feel safe sharing, as well as listening to one another.

Due to the nature of conversation and topics, we do not record (audio or screen capture) any section of the session.


Stay focused with mobile.

You heard that right—we’re asking you to pick UP your phone during the session. Our companion mobile experience helps attendees stay engaged.

Find out what all the buzz is about.

Join us in our free mini-session, where you'll discover what makes Seneca Leaders™ unique and effective in an intimate group of your peers across the healthcare industry.

At the end of this event, you'll see how Seneca Leaders™ can become a catalyst for your organizations culture change—starting with leadership.

Seating is limited

1000+ leaders and execs from 46 countries have already experienced Seneca Leaders™.

97% of attendees around the world agree this
training gave them tools to become better leaders.

Testimonials from previous attendees:

“At Seneca Leaders, we learned a lot about the ‘why’ of leadership more so than the ‘how.’ I feel like a lot of the other leadership classes we’ve taken are about what makes an effective leader, where this was more about how to do it, why it’s important, and what you get out of it from a people standpoint."

“I feel like it’s a different way of thinking, a different way of looking at not only leadership but humanity in the work-place. …It’s not something that we’ll be able to change immediately, but it gave me bite-sized pieces of things that I can continually work on as a person—not a person at work or a person at home, but a person in general.”

“It’s probably fair to say that Seneca was unlike any other training course that I’ve done in my career. At times, it was a little uncomfortable, but it was extremely educational about the way that we think and the way that we influence those around us, whether we realize it or not.”



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