Seneca HueSM

A new digital diversity and inclusion learning platform for a modern workforce.

What is it, anyway?

Scalable diversity and inclusion education for everyone.


Seneca HueSM is a digital D&I learning platform —accessible from any device with browser access—that tackles a vast variety of inclusion and diversity topics in a creative, engaging, and highly consumable way.

Some of the topics you can expect to explore are:

  • Elements of diversity & identity
  • Mindsets & behaviors
  • Systemic barriers that marginalize
  • Transformative solutions

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Seen. Heard. Valued.

Sesame Street for D&I.

No, really. Sesame Street is world-renowned for blending relevant and sensitive topics into a fun and engaging learning environment for young learners. Why can’t adults learn that way too? D&I topics should be approachable. Real. Interesting. Empathetic. So we set out to create something that would be appealing to adults in the same way Sesame Street is to kids—no puppets necessary.


Beautiful and functional.
On any device with a browser.

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Designed with empathy.

Seneca HueSM is chocked full of empathetic examples of lived experiences of real people in real-life situations.

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Leave boredom at the door.

Everything you’ll experience within Seneca HueSM is crafted with creativity. Content within the app is created to retain a learner’s attention.

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Evergreen. And ever-growing.

Seneca HueSM is constantly getting bigger, with more content being added every few weeks.

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Grow at your own pace.

Seneca HueSM is a non-linear, self-paced, self-guided D&I tool. The system learns what you want to see, serving up relevant information in real-time.

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Progressive learning

For adult learners, we developed innovative ways to assess their growth and development within D&I topics, delivering measurable outcomes to common D&I goals and commitments.

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Built with science.

We base the learner’s journey and our content around a scientifically proven and objective standard for assessing cultural competence.

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Integration? We got it.

Seneca HueSM can integrate with existing LMS systems. We will even work with your IT team to make it securely accessible within your intranet experience.

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Digital, yet personal.

Our content is 100% digital and accessible by any device, whether personally or company-owned.

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Action beyond education

We’ve built digital reminders, accountability features, and micro-commitments right into Seneca HueSM so that learnings stays with you long after you move on to the next subject.

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Preloaded commitments creates accountability and reinforcement for users to ease them into starting to work on themselves.

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Frequently asked questions.


What topics are covered in Seneca HueSM?

Seneca HueSM’s beta has topics related to three dimensions of diversity: race/ethnicity, caregivers/parents, and socioeconomic status. Post-beta, Softway will expand into religion, disability, veteran status, power dynamics, and generations/age.


Will new content be added to Seneca HueSM during the beta?

Yes, as Softway continues to build and release content regarding the topics within Seneca HueSM, they will be made available during the Seneca HueSM beta release. Content will include articles, audio (podcasts), video, and interactive tools.


How much time will employees need to devote to Seneca HueSM during the week?

Content within Seneca HueSM may be consumed in large or small doses. Softway recommends that your workforce set aside at least an hour each week to build more awareness around D&I within the app.