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We're Softway. We are an independent digital agency with offices in Houston, TX and Bengaluru, India. We do work we're proud of. Work that makes an impact on our clients' business and, hopefully, the world. We do it by bringing bright people together from all walks of life and every imaginable background, letting them loose on a challenge, and giving them the freedom to explore the possibilities.


We’re looking for an experienced Writer (or Copywriter if you prefer) to join our growing team in Houston. These should sound like you:

    • A lover of words
      You love the way words sound, the way they look, and the way they can make people feel. But don’t get too precious about them (see next bullet point).
    • Entrepreneurial
      We are here to help our clients sell whatever it is they sell. We need writers who get excited about different industries and all kinds of companies—and who have an innate interest in how business works and how to move business forward.
    • Human
      Write like one. Think like one. Walk in the customers’ shoes and see how your words can make their lives easier or better.
    • A well-calloused ego
      Great work works. But to get to great work, you have to take a few punches in the creative gut once and a while. The bar is high here and we all help each other raise it everyday.
    • Versatile
      You are going to write many forms of content—long-form, short-form, and everything in between. You should get just as fired up about a full on-location shoot for a Fortune 100 company or a quick Vine video as you do about editing a press release or proofreading a technical manual.


We want to save your time and our time, so here’s a few things we don’t want in a writer. If any of these things sound like you at all, please do not apply. This is not the place for you.

    • You end every sentence in an exclamation point!
    • You’ve only ever written super salesy short-form marketing writing (the kind that tends to end in exclamation points!)
    • You are too good to work on an executive power point presentation or something not-so-creative.
    • You are a stodgy, stuck-in-your-ways, “I know better because I worked at this agency before and worked on this account” type of person.
    • You are afraid of working directly clients. Our clients see us as partners and enjoy working face-to-face with the creative team.

It’s a good time to be a writer, since almost every client needs more and more good content these days. As a Writer at Softway, we expect you to:

  • Live and breathe the brands we work with.
  • Experiment and play with your words.
  • Present work to clients.
  • Listen, really listen, to your colleagues and your clients.
  • Own your projects.
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Did we say ask lots of questions already?
  • Mind your grammar, but break the rules when necessary.
  • Eliminate mediocrity from your work.
  • Bring your passions, no matter how peculiar, to the agency.
  • Understand the technology platforms we use everyday.
  • Do stuff besides write. You are the writer, but we can always use an extra brain or set of hands here and there on non-writing type things.

Like a good, healthy, slightly crazy agency, we work across channels and media for our clients, so you’ll write a bit of everything:

  • Digital
    Websites, email campaigns, apps, display ads, etc.
  • Branding
    Brand messaging like positioning statements, taglines, and so on.
  • Long-Form Content
    Blog articles, bios, press releases, etc.
  • Video
    Scripts of all kinds—long-form, Vine-style, promotional, testimonial, super high concept, and low concept.

We will be giving you a writing assignment as part of the vetting process. Please no calls or long list of attachments of your work samples.


  • A young team.
    By young, we don’t necessarily mean in age. We are changing the landscape in Houston. Bringing in clients that most shops here only dream of working with.
  • A solid roster of unexpected clients
    Sure we have a few clients who are more difficult to work with than others, but we’ve built strong relationships with our clients. They trust us.
  • An ego-less workplace.
    Well, there are egos here, but none too big for the organization. We all have each other’s backs. We support everyone.
  • We are lovers of learning.
    We push each other to do things differently, to learn a new skill, to share a success. We push you, but we won’t let you struggle.
  • We take work and play very seriously.
    In a perfect world the lines between the two are blurred. We like to keep it light around here.
  • Salary and benefits
    You’ll get a competitive salary. Paid time off. Full benefits.


We’re all about opportunity.

At Softway, we’re always looking for fresh new additions to the team. If you haven’t had a chance yet, get to know us a little better by exploring our site. Like what you see? Then we want to know more about you, too. Fill out the form or email us at uscareers@softway.com or indiacareers@softway.com

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