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We're Softway. We are an independent digital agency with offices in Houston, TX and Bengaluru, India. We do work we're proud of. Work that makes an impact on our clients' business and, hopefully, the world. We do it by bringing bright people together from all walks of life and every imaginable background, letting them loose on a challenge, and giving them the freedom to explore the possibilities.


We’re looking for a Change Management Strategist to bring insights, change management and polished execution to our transformation services.The following items should sound like you:

  • Proactively curious
    Always wondering and wandering; you create a path for learning to dig into the “what ifs” that is guided by a drive to bring success and explore new methods.
  • Welcoming of fast failures
    We all like to win but a strategist who can fail quickly, learn and adapt their process and thinking is one who is comfortable with calculated risks. We need you to move quickly while keeping in mind the risk potential.
  • You take action
    You don't wait for others to tell you what to do—you figure things out on your own. You ask questions. You get clarity. You iterate and iterate. You find inspiration outside, online, in secret places. You find the best way.
  • A well-calloused ego
    Great work works. But to get to great work, you have to take a few punches in the gut once and a while. The bar is high here and we all help each other raise it every day.
  • Versatile
    You are going to work on lots of different things for very different clients at Softway. You should get just as fired up about generating leads for a retail energy provider as you would for rolling out a new HR policy. We do it all.
  • You’re an over-communicator
    You recognize the importance of communication and take a proactive approach to communicating with team members.


We want to save your time and our time, so here are a few things we don’t want in a Change Management Strategist. If any of these things sound like you at all, please do not apply. This is not the place for you.

  • Your background and exposure is limited by a few marketing channels or a single industry. We hire “T-shaped” people. For example, if you LOVE social media and see that platform as the only future for culture transformations, you won’t be happy here. (We have fun no matter what we do and find joy in the process and the people around us).
  • You are afraid of working directly with clients and presenting to them. (Our clients see us as partners and enjoy working face-to-face with our team).
  • You need a pre-defined one-way process that tells you exactly how to rinse and repeat. (Every project is unique at Softway and we really enjoy taking the “best practices” and tacking on something new with each project.)
  • You can’t handle change, a little chaos, sarcasm, or shade. (Things change here daily, no project is the same, and we love each other enough to throw as much shade as possible.)


As a Change Management Strategist at Softway, we expect you to:

  • Be the voice of reason and compromise that finds a way to make things work
  • Push the boundaries of execution; our production team can handle it
  • Empathize and dive deep into understanding the end-user
  • Leverage the thinking and relevant practices of a UX practitioner
  • Collaborate with interaction designers, copywriters and solution architects
  • Think beyond the project plan; a list of tasks is your guide but not your boundary
  • Create any type of document you need to get your point across (i.e. process diagrams, research findings presentations, strategy documents, content calendars)
  • Lead primary and secondary research projects and collaborate with research team members
  • Stay on-top of your measurement game; you should be able to setup tracking and know how to pull the numbers together
  • Become an advocate for all audiences; represent your clients internally and your team externally
  • Experiment and iterate, a lot
  • Own the conference room; lots of presentations come with the gig
  • Listen, really listen, to your colleagues and your clients
  • Bring your passions, no matter how peculiar, to the agency
  • Work at client sites, following their internal standards and guidelines
  • Buy-into the Softway values which includes you taking responsibility for the end product, no matter your role


Like a good, healthy, slightly crazy agency, we work across channels and media for our clients, so you’ll design a bit of everything:

  • Digital
    Fully integrated campaigns as well as standalone pieces like websites, emails, apps, display ads, etc.
  • Strategic planning
    Creating a plan from the ground up starting with interviews, alignment sessions and moving into goal setting and strategies for executing content and activations.
  • Consulting
    Tying together research, insights, business needs and real-time information is a constant expectation. Be comfortable in any type of meeting, workshop, working session and be ready to take the whiteboard, give direction and drive alignment and clarity.

If we choose to begin the interview process with you, we will ask you to present previous work and also prepare a quick strategy pitch assignment.


  • A special place.
    Softway is an agency that’s truly a special place to call home. It’s hard to explain. Just visit a few times and you’ll see.
  • An ego-less workplace.
    While there are egos here, none are too big for the organization. We’re ambitious, not pretentious. We all have each other’s backs.
  • We are lovers of learning.
    We push each other to do things differently, to learn a new skill, to share a success. We push you, but we won’t let you struggle.
  • We take work and play very seriously.
    In a perfect world, the lines between the two are blurred. We like to keep it light around here.
  • Salary and benefits
    You’ll get a competitive salary. Paid time off. Full benefits.


We’re all about opportunity.

At Softway, we’re always looking for fresh new additions to the team. If you haven’t had a chance yet, get to know us a little better by exploring our site. Like what you see? Then we want to know more about you, too. Fill out the form or email us at uscareers@softway.com or indiacareers@softway.com

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