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Innovating Teams: Unlocking the Future of Innovation

With special guest, Armando Pantoja, TEDx Speaker, FinTech Futurist, and Software Engineer

Have we entered the "metaverse"? Will blockchain totally disrupt the way we work? What about ChatGPT, web3, and NFTs? Is it innovation, or all just noise? Let’s talk about it with Armando Pantoja—TEDx Speaker, FinTech Futurist, and Software engineer. During our upcoming Innovating Teams Webinar, we’ll discuss how we can put these new tools and technologies to work for our people, teams, and companies.

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Meet your webinar hosts:

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Saif Khan,
Vice President of Technology, Softway

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Frank Danna
Director of Culture & Seneca, Softway

With featured guest:

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Armando Pantoja
TEDx Speaker, FinTech Futurist, and Software Engineer

During our innovating teams webinars, we’ll unpack:


The value of innovation, failure, and key tenants of high performance.


The strategic and business outcomes of creating an environment of high-performing people and teams.


New and innovative ideas for any leader looking to bring fresh perspectives and concepts to teams of all sizes.

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Softway is the company bringing humanity back to the workplace. As a co-host of Seneca Leaders, Frank has traveled the globe helping over 1,400 leaders become the most effective forces for their teams.


Frank Danna
Director of Culture & Seneca

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