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We know great work is grounded in serious knowledge. To us, that means not only understanding the nuances of your industry today, but being able to anticipate what’s happening tomorrow. Here, you’ll find our thoughts on the latest trends in the most common industries we serve. But that doesn’t mean we’re only limited to these six. If you find yourself in a different space—but still want to learn what we can do for you—fill out our contact form here or email contact@softway.com.

Oil & gas

The oil & gas industry is constantly evolving. In our industry spotlight, we’ll talk through the need for innovation (yes, even inside risk-averse cultures), the changing employment landscape of “The Great Crew Change” and what it means for you, and the opportunities of going greenish (and how to communicate it).


No other industry has the power to impact lives quite like healthcare. So when changes happen, there’s a lot on the line. In this industry trends piece, we’ll discuss the uptick in M&As (and what to do once the merging and acquiring has happened), the importance of evaluating your internal communication methods, and the constant drive to improve patient outcomes through technology.

Retail & consumer goods

With today’s mad-grab for consumer attention, businesses in the retail & consumer goods space have to stand out. We’ll talk through the need to create engaging brands, how company stories should shift post-M&A, and the emergence of brands that customers not only love but live.

Professional services

A broad range of businesses are covered under “professional services.” Whether you’re in architecture, accounting, engineering, legal, or a different area altogether—the big-picture trends are similar. In this industry trends snapshot, we’ll explore ways some companies are folding in automation, the rise of the virtual firm (and the need for virtual cultures, too), and catering to the highly educated customer.


Although it often isn’t considered a “consumer-facing” industry, there are few sectors as evident in our daily lives as manufacturing. In this industry snapshot, we’ll discuss “Industry 4.0” and where your business fits in, the prevalence of more public manufacturing practices, and the need for flexible cultures inside your business (and how to get them).

Energy & utilities

For the industry that quite literally powers our lives, there are potential changes—and opportunities—on the horizon. In our industry spotlight, we’ll discuss the way some businesses are using new technology to optimize their operations, the need to attract the right internal talent to help evolve your business, and building on the new “green” standard (and how to make it part of your brand message.


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