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Building a culture of love.

Tangible, actionable approaches to building a place where people feel like they belong.


What will I discover in this eBook?

Building a culture of love takes more than just good vibes and digital hugs. Learn the steps, and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to build and sustain resilience.


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Running a company can feel like a herculean task, and running one that people actually want to show up to can seem like an absurd luxury. But not only is it possible, its also good for business.


How can I use this eBook?

At Softway, we learned the hard way. As we share the secret sauce that saved our company, let this book be a useful guide on your way to building a culture of Love in your own workplace.

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The dreaded

When we say “love”, HR folks typically head for the hills, or at least to grab the nearest lawyer and brace for impact. Let’s put those fears to rest right now—when we say “LOVE” we’re not talking romantic entanglements. We’re not even talking about feelings, per se. A culture of love isn’t a culture of making people FEEL loved, it’s a culture built on specific ACTS of love. Tangible, actionable approaches to building a place where people feel like they belong. Love is a verb, and we define it through our Six Pillars of Love.

Build your own culture of love.

This ebook will give you a peek into Softway’s Secret Sauce for building and sustaining resilience (the ability to be adaptable, flexible, and nimble) within any sized organization. We’ll dive into where love fits in your business’s strategy in not only creating a diverse and inclusive culture, but one that is innovative without limits and successful.


You’re in good company.

Through compelling and vulnerable real-world examples, you'll see how a culture of love can strengthen business objectives, unlock innovation, and improve resiliency.