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How does culture impact patient safety?


Video transcript:

I want you think about a restaurant. You’re greeted by a waiter. But unbeknownst to you, this water is dealing with all kinds of issues in his or her work culture.

So we’re talking about a boss that is rude, demanding, belittling, co-workers who don’t care or put each other down.

All sorts of environments in a toxic culture can exist in a place like this as well.

Now, this waiter may be smiling an taking your order, but they’re not focused. They’re not in the job. They’re not doing their best.

So, when you order something with no peanuts, because you’re allergic, they might miss that. They might bring you a dish with this peanuts, and that’s going to happen more often because they’re not in the right state of mind. They’re not comfortable, not able to bring themselves and bring their A-game.

Now imagine that same employee in that experience, at a healthcare system. A doctor, a nurse, a provider, these people are not going to have their A-game and their mistakes have lives on the line almost every single time.

And when you don’t have a culture that allows people to be themselves and allows them to be comfortable in their environment, you have a problem. You have patient safety issues.


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