Mobile application development

Transform your business with mobile application development

The mobile phone has changed our lives and become an indispensable device that we just can’t do without. Whether it’s reading the news, playing games, catching up with friends, banking transactions, or playing music, it’s applications that are driving the change in our lifestyle today. Mobile applications are a preferred mode of digital interaction for consumers and enterprises worldwide.

When it comes to enterprises, investing in mobile apps is a no-brainer, because the benefits are limitless. It acts as a marketing channel, creates a brand identity, offers convenient options for making online purchases, and allows you to create lasting customer experiences.

From business intelligence, resource management, gaming to customer relationship management, apps are invaluable, serving different needs across industries. Timesheet apps allow you to record attendance and track time for workers, eliminating paperwork. Medical apps support and/or train users effectively in giving the right diagnosis. Education apps with games and interactive learning pieces engage users effectively teaching concepts with ease.

You can do this and more by working with Softway because we’re all about creating transformative experiences for our clients with our application development services. Identifying the right mobile application development company for your specific need can be a challenge. We’re all about understanding your business goals and finding a solution that works for you. It could be an app, a workshop, a brand makeover or a deck that is the need of the hour. Talk to us and we’ll develop a solution together.

Here’s why Softway is awesome  

One of the top mobile app development companies in Houston, Softway has a team of experienced developers with a track record of taking businesses to the next level, across industries like healthcare, retail, oil and gas, and manufacturing. We have dabbled in technologies like IoT to respond to the changing needs of users. Ranging from a real estate application to a design application, we thrill in responding to the needs of our customers through mobile application development.
Softway, an independent digital agency, believes in partnering with you to identify the right mobile strategy based on your individual needs. We are here to work with you. Whether you need a native mobile application, or a cross-platform mobile application, Softway has the expertise and the technology know-how to guide you in making the right decision. Here’s what we’re proud of.

  • 14+ years of experience in mobile app development
  • Developed apps for diverse fields including education, manufacturing, and oil and gas 
  • Won the Bronze Web Health Award in 2012 out of more than 600 mobile entries
  • Worked in the IoT space to develop an app that makes it faster to diagnose issues in equipment 
  • Developed field worker operational app using retina scanning for authentication

Knowing and Caring about your business

Just as in any relationship, it’s necessary to communicate so we ask questions in order to truly understand your needs. No assumptions made, just the whys and hows. We get to know your pain points and understand what end-users are looking for. 

The process begins with asking the right questions and collaboration with our clients to understand the challenges and pain points of end users. Whether you’re looking for an app that improves customer lifetime value or user engagement, we get what you need and begin working on it. From identifying the right mobile strategy to the actual deployment, we truly care about your business.

We are well-versed in some of the major platforms that are in use by mobile app users. Here are a few.

Android application development

Whether you need a native or custom-designed Android app designed from Gingerbread to Pie, when you work with a leading Android app development company like Softway, you get a partner that not only works along with you, but understands your business. We’re with you all the way from devising the right mobile strategy to user experience, development, and deployment.

iOS application development

When it comes to setting a new trend or a benchmark, Apple leads the mobile sector. This is why businesses choose to launch iOS and iPad apps to engage with end users. Work with experienced iPhone app developers who work closely with user experience/design team to deliver apps that we are truly proud of. Apps with robust APIs are what we deliver.

Cross platform app development

Reduce development costs by opting for cross-platform apps. We can reuse code, save time and effort and deploy an app across multiple platforms effortlessly. Softway builds cross platform apps for all major platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Knowing which mobile solution works best for your business needs is essential. Consult with Softway, a trusted mobile development company to find a tailor-made solution for your business.

See what mobile app development with Softway looks like:

Mobile app design for better engagement.

Design plays a key role in determining how users engage with an app. This is why we’re passionate about app design. Defining the core functionalities of the app, planning the UI (user interface), and creating the wireframes are just some of the aspects of app design we pay keen attention to. We insist on working closely with you to ensure that the font, color, and look and feel of the app follow the brand guidelines. In addition, we believe that user experience is a critical component of app design. User experience decides the way the user interacts with the device's apps, features, content, and functions.

Mobile app security for customer data confidentiality.

Your mobile app should not compromise user data or be hacked by malicious programs, or other cyber threats. We take ownership of your app from start to finish, so we take mobile app security very seriously. We pay attention to the kind of customer data that we collect, how it is used and prevent sensitive enterprise data from being misused. Some of the security best practices that we recommend include mobile data encryption and user authentication.

Future scalability with app maintenance & support.

Your mobile app needs to work consistently even on upgraded versions of the mobile operating systems. Our work doesn’t finish with launching your app. This is where app maintenance comes into the picture. It is not enough to develop the app, you need to factor in the scalability of the app, API monitoring, and performance-based issues. We continue to challenge ourselves this way. You want users to engage with the app, which requires updating the app at regular intervals and a whole lot more. 

Increase findability with app store optimization & research.

With thousands of apps available in the marketplace, are end users able to find your app? We need to do some research on what app store users search for, identify the right keywords, and audience segments to optimize your app effectively. All it takes is some planning to optimize your mobile app to get a higher ranking in an app store’s search results. You also need to ensure that your app meets the app store criteria to improve ranking.

Launch your app successfully with the right marketing strategy.

We will partner with you to create an appropriate app description and marketing strategy for the launch of your app. Creating an app and releasing it doesn’t guarantee anyone will use it. You have to create a launch strategy and we can do that for you. In this process, we can develop a consistent app message, go-to-market strategy, early user testing, and social media integration for a successful app release.

Creating transformational experiences with IoT for the future

We’re all about creating transformational experiences. And that’s what IoT, where devices communicate and share information via the internet, can be leveraged to do. This is the future, with user experience at its peak.

We get a thrill out of making a positive and powerful impact. And through Softway’s services of IoT and mobile application development in Houston, we’ve been able to transform the manufacturing industries across Houston. We’ve made life easier for HVAC technicians, empowering them with IOT driven solutions that enable quicker diagnosis, saving time and effort.

So, whether it’s about driving sales, user engagement, or educating a specific community, we are passionate about making a difference. We see problems as puzzles and we like to have fun, while caring about you and your business. Together, let’s transform the way we work to make it better and achieve your business goals. Drop by our office in Houston to see what we can do for you.