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Retargeting, persistence redefined in online advertising Promotion

Truth! Customers don’t always buy on their first visit to your business irrespective of whether it is online or offline. May be only a handful will, but that’s being optimistic. But there is a way to reach out to those prospects through retargeting, a form of online advertising. The online world has transformed the way customers make choices. Online customers now have the power to...

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Private marketplaces, invitation-only! Promotion

The advancements in technology over the last few years has redefined the traditional relationship between publishers and advertisers. This transformation has given rise to various models of transactional relationships between the two based on the pricing and ad inventory type. Let us explore how Private Marketplaces model of programmatic advertising is structured and understand the process flow. Like each method has its share of pros...

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Automated guaranteed; Modern day direct order Promotion

We’ve come a long way from ancient advertising. From traditional Egyptian papyrus signs to print, television and most recently the era of internet marketing. Since the evolution of multi-channel marketing, people have been bombarded left and right with various brand promotional messages. Favorable or not, is a different discussion altogether but the question here is their relevancy. This is where technology, in the form of...

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Types of programmatic advertising, a bird’s eye view Promotion

Programmatic advertising is a reason for a clear shift happening in the ad tech world today. This is evident especially in the areas of marketing and associated technologies. My journey on this exploration of programmatic advertising has come a long way. It began with real-time bidding (RTB), understanding differences between RTB and programmatic advertising but concepts are numerous and still pending to be explored. From...

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Real-time bidding and programmatic advertising Promotion

Hi there! So, with this you can wave goodbye to all those hassles caused by just trying to decode the nitty-gritties of programmatic advertising. In a nutshell you will learn how programmatic advertising differs in concept from Real-Time Bidding (RTB). I’ve dealt with this and totally get it. Like deciphering the concept of these two were not enough, the journey of confusion afterwards can be...

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Shoot on target with real-time bidding Promotion

“FYI YOLO so BRB to your life 2day & start living it, as 2moro never comes!” Quite probable these acronyms could be the language of the future. BTW don’t you think, the current generation is caught up with a zillion acronyms and jargon in almost every field possible? Right from the internet lingo we use in our daily life to the high technical jargon used...

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