Highlights from the WWDC 2018 Promotion

If you’ve missed the 2018 WWDC conference, here’s where you can catch up on the highlight (unless of course you had the chance to watch the 2-hour event). Definitely worth it.

We’ve put together performance, releases and announcements under its 4 platforms – iOS12, Apple Watch, Apple TV & MacOS.


So, what is the WWDC?

It’s technology’s biggest player, Apple hosting its biggest event – The WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) that happens every year. A grand platform for Apple’s big releases and announcements making it a dream for the millions of iOS developers across the globe.

Highlights from the Introduction

  • 20+ million developers across 77 countries
  • Apple app store the largest market place with over 500 million weekly visitors
  • 100 billion dollars as developer earnings
  • Fastest adoption rate of 81% recorded on iOS11 in comparison to Android
  • 95% customer satisfaction achieved (2017)


  1. iOS 12


Availability of the iOS 12 on all iOS 11 supported devices, offering a 50% improvement in keyboard displays, 70% on camera quick displays and 2x faster share sheet page display.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR, a transformational technology for bringing experience in the real world and redefining fun.

And now with the introduction of USDZ (in collaboration with Pixar) objects can be placed into the real world, easily usable by all creatives. This single file format can be optimized for sharing while retaining 3D graphics and animations. 3D objects can be zoomed and panned, making view inside the document possible. It offers improved face tracking, realistic tracking and 3D object detection.

Measure App

Users can now measure any object in the real world with a simple drag and tap function


iOS12 comes with an all new search tab of accelerated suggestions. Photos are automatically grouped based on key moments, favorite people and location, offering memories of the year gone by or looping a live video. And sharing these great captures with friends are now so easy with the automatic recommendations on the iOS12. Relevant photos can be shared by and shared back to users securely with no compromise to resolution.


Siri just got better with Siri suggestions and the shortcut app. Users can now create custom shortcuts based on their usual activity and have it added on to their shortcut library. Siri’s constant working in the background, learning user behavior gives users personalized predictions and suggestions right on the lock screen.

Apple News

Quality news handpicked by Apple’s editorial team, offers personalized feed to users with a new sidebar for easy browsing, channel discovery and topics.

Stock App

The redesigned stock app comes with interactive graphs that chart stock performance through the day, and with Apple news on the side, users can browse latest news and events while keeping an eye on their stocks.

Voice memos

Users can now sync their recordings across all devices with the iCloud support


The redesigned iBooks App, now renamed to Apple Books, offers readers an audio book section and features, such as better browsing and Reading Now, where readers can get a preview and pick up right where they left off.


CarPlay on the iOS12 now supports 3rd party navigation apps including 3rd party audio, video calling and messaging.


The Do Not Disturb setting on the iOS 12 comes with customizable notification settings. Users can now have this setting automatically turned off or on when a specific event is over, or on leaving a location, during a particular time range. For example, at bed time, displays will not be notified and displayed on the lock screen. Group notification management is another feature that helps users deal with the clutter.


Screen Time

My favorite so far.

The all new screen time offers weekly phone usage reports in very pictorial formats.  Users can now be informed of what apps bite into most of their time, data and allows them to set app limits suitable to them. Parents can be sent reports of their child’s phone usage, and remote access of granting limits to group or individual apps that are age appropriate.


Emoji. Animoji. What’s next? The all new tongue detection! Users can now get their favorite animojis to stick their tongue out by simply detecting the user’s.

And the next big thing here, Memoji! Users can create their very own memoji, allowing play of skin tone, hair style, accessories, fun effects all in real time and shared with friends.


FaceTime now allows 32 participants all at one time, and with integration to messages, participants can join in and drop off anytime. The new Facetime comes with amazing user experience, displaying all participants at the screen base and auto-prominence given to the speaker.


  1. Watch OS5:

This product has achieved No. 1 in customer satisfaction and recorded a growth of 60% in 2017. Here’s how it gets even better:


Health & Fitness:

Users can now compete with their friends, get rewards and win. Automatic workout-type detection, automatic end alerts on workouts and new workout types like yoga, hiking are some additional features. In fact, runners are simply going to fall in love with the all new iOS5 considering the rolling mile pace and automatic addition of retroactive credits that are now available.


The Apple watch is most loved mainly the ease it offers its users to stay connected with people & information they really care about. It allows users to make, receive calls, send messages and stay in touch real time.

And it just got better the walkie-talkie feature where users could leave voice notes for their friends with a simple tap and talk feature. This is high quality audio that works over wi-fi and cellular.

The Siri watch face comes with all new content from live sports, maps to heartrate and including the 3rd party apps now being supported on the OS5. Siri shortcuts displays customized predictions that are learnt over time and most relevant to users. It’s gotten so good, that when in need of Siri, users need to simply raise their wrist and speak.


Life has been made easier with interactive notifications on the OS5. Users can now check and share flight details, pay with Apple Pay and extend reservations or even parking. And with WebKit, users can view web content in mail or messages.

Music through the Apple podcasts are now an addition to the music streaming and synced playlist options available.

What stands out here, is the Student ID that can be added to your Apple watch wallet.  Now students, using their watch, are allowed access to dorms, libraries, events and even have the option of paying for their snacks, laundry on and off campus.


  1. Apple TV:

The Apple 4K has grown 50%, year on year. Built on TVOS, newly introduced is the 4K with HDR and Dolby vision. Users now have the largest collection of 4K HDR movies on the iTunes that come with the latest in audio technology (Dolby Atmos). With amazing sound to complement the visuals, Apple 4K has grown to be certified as the only Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos streaming player. Apple doesn’t stop there. Coming soon to Apple TV are the live news and sports telecasting that will cross the 100-channel mark on Apple TV. Some additions are the Canal Plus in France, Salt. in Switzerland and Charter Spectrum in the USA that will come with a Zero sign on support.


  1. MAC OS Mojave

The MAC OS-Mojave is the all new OS. Inspiration? The night view of the Mojave Desert. The Dark Mode (which by the way is available on XCode too) will blow you away, and not to forget the cool dynamic desktop mode that reflects dynamic transformation of day to night.

Desktop Stacks

This app helps users deal with desktop mess. It gathers and stacks strewn files into organized file types.

Quick Look

With this app, users can now make annotations, markups and drag and place signature into any document.


Users can now capture a selected portion of a video file and integrate that on to a blog or document.

Continuity Camera:

Images captured on an iPhone camera can be set onto a Mac keynote document as a continuity action between both devices.

Apple News

Introducing Apple news to the Mac. Personalized, trending newsfeed handpicked by the editorial team that comes with a side-bar for topics and channels that users can follow.


The new Stock app on the Mac provides users with the stock watchlist display on the left and interactive charts on the right for users to drill into. And with Apple news, users can now watch their stock prices as they catch up on high quality business news.

Voice memos

The very popular voice recorder allows capture of music recordings, syncing to cloud and dragging into Garage band.


Home is coming to the MAC as well. A home for users to store all accessories, run scenes, monitor video camera and have it commanded via Siri.


Security & Privacy

Mac OS has strengthened its policy on protection ensuring to check with users before granting any app access. Mojave extends protection for files like contacts, calendar, reminders, camera, back-ups, mail database, message history etc. The update now offers users the choice to disallow cookie tracking website and with the new Mojave, fingerprinting is harder to decipher, since built-in fonts only are shown to hackers, making it harder for unique identification and tracking.


Mac Appstore

Having received a huge response, the attention has been great towards the Mac App Store. It continues to be the biggest catalogue for Mac apps since 2011 for trusted downloads, distributed across 155-countries with world-wide payment processing and the place for seamless software updates.

Create, Work and Play aps bring artistic designs to life and offers tutorials which even experts will find useful.  The UI comes with improved recommendations in categories, with the rating and review section up front, making it easier for feedback.

The big news here is MS office 365 coming to the Mac App Store this year, LightroomCC from Adobe, Transmit from Panic and BareBones by BB edit. Exciting stuff.

And finally, improvements in Metal and Machine Learning
Apple on “Are the iOS and Mac OS merging?”

No, for reasons of beautiful unique features specific to each. However, in 2019, developers will be able to bring certain iOS apps to the Mac OS platform with a simple code change.

So, that brings us to the end of the highlights from the WWDC18. A big kudos to the team at Apple Inc. And while Apple continues to win the heart of people with its intricate user experience, security and features, entrepreneurs and businesses can benefit from this growing trend. The audience numbers quoted at the WWDC is proof enough to validate this big audience.

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Hope you enjoyed the summary of the WWDC 2018 – and yes, do watch the video to get a first hand experience of all the possibilities across these platforms!




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