Softway’s Techtonic 2018 Softway

A summit of this kind was something Softway took on for the first time and it was a huge success. Techtonic, like the name suggests, comes from the earth’s tectonic plates. A force; a sort of disruption; much in sync to what this summit was set to achieve. Technology is constantly evolving and it needed more than just a reminder. It was a time of...

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15 Years of Softway Softway

A college project – that’s how Softway actually started out. The founders Mohammad, Saquib, Khalid and Taj saw some really hard times back then. But with determination and grit, much of what Softway is like today, we’ve come a long way.               So, celebrating this grand milestone, all in a day, didn’t seem fair. A week of celebrations seemed...

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Employee spotlight – April 2018 Softway

This month features two food enthusiasts from our US and India teams. First, get to know Meghana Patil. She has a passion for fitness, dance, and Softway. Next, meet Sami Khan. Learn how Softway became a part of his journey and get a sneak peak of his life as a project manager. Finally, find out why Houston is his all-time favorite city. Meghana Patil   ...

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Employee Spotlight – January 2018 Softway

Welcome to our January Softway Employee Spotlight! Meet two vibrant personalities in Softway who exude energy and positivity. We are featuring Vaibhav Prabhugaonkar who is a sports freak and wants to become invisible and L.A. Jacobs who is a salesman at heart and enjoys the hospitality, people, food, and weather in Texas.

One step can make a difference Softway

Softway India employees paid a visit to Swanthana, a home for physically and mentally challenged girls on 26th Nov, as part of a community service initiative. They donated clothes and other useful items. These donations reached people in need, made an impact on the community as well as a lasting impression on the Softway team. Collecting clothes and driving donations Firstly, the committee decided to begin...

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Employee Spotlight – September 2017 Softway

Welcome to our September Softway Employee Spotlight! Meet two fun personalities from our Softway team on this month’s edition. We’re featuring Matt Walsh, sharing his soon-to-be dad moments, and Audrey Pham, sharing her love for Houston and what, or rather who, keeps her laughing at Softway!

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