8 points to consider for effective B2C content marketing Promotion

Businesses thrive on content. Content that’s timely, relevant and a value-add for customers with an aim to get customers to make a desired action towards their products or services. That’s B2C content marketing; where every minute content is being populated, so much so, that it has reached a point of information overload for its consumers and competition for the marketers. An effective B2C content marketing...

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Highlights from the WWDC 2018 Promotion

If you’ve missed the 2018 WWDC conference, here’s where you can catch up on the highlight (unless of course you had the chance to watch the 2-hour event). Definitely worth it. We’ve put together performance, releases and announcements under its 4 platforms – iOS12, Apple Watch, Apple TV & MacOS.   So, what is the WWDC? It’s technology’s biggest player, Apple hosting its biggest event...

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Touchpoints marketing, a marketer’s Midas touch Promotion

Touchpoints are where customers come into contact with your brand.  And it’s vital for businesses to take note of such points and optimize them if they want to take advantage over competitors. In the purchase process, there are different stages, starting from discovering customer needs, product purchase, and post sales to name a few. All these stages come together to form the customer journey. Few...

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Getting to know native advertising Promotion

A few years ago it may have seemed that display and banner ads were the groundbreaking trends of digital advertising to reach the right audience. Today, one of the marketing trends that we think is making strides is native advertising! As Internet users are becoming less receptive to display ads, native advertising comes to the rescue with better click through rates. Native advertising has been...

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Here’s What Social Media Influencers Do Differently Promotion

Ever wondered how social media influencers gather a large number of followers and attract engagement? Find out what makes social media influencers such a hit. What do they do differently that you could imitate in your social media posts? Top brands are tapping social media influencers to endorse their brands or promote products to chosen audiences. Social media users look up to influencers for a...

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Proximity marketing | A retailer’s tool for mass customization Promotion

Brick and mortar retailers have struggled with the rise of online shopping. Proximity marketing, a digital solution, has helped offline retailers adjust to online shopping trends. Let’s look at how brick and mortar retailers benefit from the mobile technology used in proximity marketing! What is proximity marketing, anyway? The word ‘proximity’ means nearness in time, space, or relationship. In proximity marketing, location-based technologies interact with...

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