A case for cross platform mobile app development Creation

Smartphones have made our increasingly complex world feel smaller with connectivity right at our fingertips. Businesses often find that developing a mobile application can play a vital role in their success. However, the decision to create a cross platform mobile app or a native platform app is a tough one. Most often, cross platform mobile app development wins due to the multitude of devices that have...

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Significance of Heatmaps in improving User experience Creation

A digital presence is inevitable in this era, but the success of a business also depends on the content effectiveness across different channels. And using heatmaps is one way you can judge the effectiveness of a piece of content. Heatmapping is a type of user research that validates the performance of your content and architecture of your application. Necessity for heatmaps The extent of benefits...

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User research: Empathy, a key ingredient Creation

Choosing the right user research method for your application development is like cooking a tasty meal! You must select the right ingredients, add it at the right time and cook it to get the right taste and soul into your food. Similarly, you need the right research method, at the right phase of the software development  to produce the best user experience in your application....

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48 hour Actiongram film festival Creation / Softway

30 top influencers from all over the world descended upon Palm Springs for the HoloLens/Actiongram wrap party and 48-hour film festival this past week. Frank Danna, the Content Director for Softway, was one of those influencers who attended the event. Earlier this year, Frank was hand-selected by Microsoft’s Actiongram team for his unique content creation skills and ability to adapt to creative constraints. Regarded as...

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The future of content creation is now Creation / Softway

Immersive technology has been forecasted as the next big thing for many years. The creation and sale of Oculus Rift drew a lot of attention in 2014 and in 2016 that attention has been garnered by the Microsoft HoloLens. Endless opportunity awaits the exploration of virtual reality and augmented reality and we are excited to be a part of this evolving technology. Last August, our...

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Back to school with Parker School Uniforms’ website Creation / Softway

Any retail business knows that your website and ecommerce experience can potentially make or break your sales. Parker School Uniforms, an online retailer of high quality boys and girls school uniforms, is no exception. In April of this year, Parker School Uniforms approached Softway to help improve their school uniform sales for 2016. With the school season right around the corner, they were gearing up...

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