Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service platform that provides scalable computing capacity, database storage, content delivery, and many such functionalities to help businesses develop and grow. Thus, companies are liberated from deployment and maintenance charges for in-house servers. AWS allows companies to focus on the core competency of their business instead of devoting time, people, and money to managing back-end operations.

Many companies are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. With a cloud infrastructure, users can access their data anytime and anywhere on the web.

Technology providers generally need to be cautious about guaranteeing availability during peak usage times. To work toward greater availability, it is imperative to invest in hardware to manage periodic, tremendous web traffic loads.

Application developers constantly look for highly scalable platforms for hosting their web services. They look for ones that help them quickly scale up or down depending on consumer usage.

Technology providers prefer Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting. The support team is proficient and skilled in how to use the services provided for your technology ecosystem.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services for technology providers

The reasons technology providers choose AWS for cloud hosting are as follows:

Easy setup:

Subscription and setup take less than a day. Since AWS is cloud-based, its deployment is instantaneous with no need for an on-premise dedicated environment. With the help of detailed documentation to run virtual servers, the Management Console allows developers to configure programs from initial setup to deployment with great efficacy.


The back-end process to get your services up and running is swift and easy. This is largely due to AWS’s support of a wide range of programs, software architecture, operating systems, and databases.  Technology providers can feel confident in leading a flawless transition throughout a migration or IT infrastructure reorganization.


With over 15 years of experience, Amazon has done quite a lot of risk mitigation to ensure the highest standards of data security. In case of an emergency, or if a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is triggered, there will be an uncompromised delivery of services.


The pricing model for AWS is ‘pay for what you use’. From hardware investments to overhead infrastructure, AWS irons out all the costs that you could incur throughout IT maintenance. With no contracts and stringent subscription plans, AWS is a sought-after cloud hosting service for start-ups, small, medium, and large enterprises.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services for developers

The advantages of hosting through Amazon Web Services for developers are:

Cloud Storage: AWS offers unique File Transfer Protocol (FTP) functionalities, which means that organizations can seamlessly transfer files in a secure environment.

Cloud Search: AWS provides fully managed cloud search service that is customizable and gets automatically updated. The search tool can be integrated with any website, mobile site or custom web apps during their development stages.

Artificial Intelligence: Developers can incorporate human intelligence in remote operations. AWS facilitates the use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that use multichannel networks to carry out tasks in the case of computer failure. In addition to the above, round-the-clock customer support ensures a seamless experience of artificial intelligence features.

NoSQL Database: There is almost zero latency with a NoSQL Database. With data on the cloud, it is easy to pull necessary information from anywhere.

Endurance and Agility: Unlike local in-house servers, there is almost zero risk of deterioration in terms of operational efficacy.


AWS enables your organization to offer strong services all the time. It is indeed a revolution in the information technology industry, as aspirations of emerging as a market leader is definitive only when the foundation is set correctly for the architecture of a product or service. With the help of comprehensive cloud-based IT administration services, AWS not only reduces the overhead costs but also ensures business class benefits for its users.

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